Official Announcement! Xiamen Officially Released the Egret City Image Logo and Cartoon Image Logo

Just now, Xiamen, China, has its own Logo of Egret City image and cartoon image logo. On the afternoon of January 12, the Publicity Department of Xiamen Municipal Committee held a press conference of Xiamen (the Egret City) image identification system, and officially announced the Logo of Egret city image and cartoon image logo.

Xiamen is known as Egret Island for its city bird is Egret.At the press conference, Wang Xiaohui, the designer of Xiamen the Egret City Image Logo, introduced his design concept through video. According to Wang Xiaohui, the main pattern of the logo is transformed from the first letter “XM” of “Xiamen”, which looks like a flying egret fighting against waves, thus to create a movement of soaring;

Another example is the semi-open sphere and thumbs-up gesture, which means Xiamen embraces the world, stands out from the crowd and soars into the sky. Blue and white represent that Xiamen is a coastal city with green ecology, openness and inclusiveness. The overall shape structure is complete and unified, with rich meanings, which not only symbolizes Xiamen’s spirit of pioneering and working hard, but also highlights Xiamen’s high-quality, beautiful appearance, modern and international city image and green ecological development concept. The main pattern is marked “厦门 XIAMEN” in both Chinese and English, and the blue-green gradation echoes the main pattern harmoniously, highlighting the local characteristics.

The designer of the main logo of Xiamen egret cartoon image “Lu Ke” is Chen Lei, an associate professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts. He also went back to Xiamen from Beijing for this conference. As a native of Kulangsu Island, Chen Lei has a deep affection for egrets. “This time, we have come up with a number of “small egret” schemes, and try to make it diversified and take care of different aesthetic orientations. “Lu Ke”, the chosen one, is a quite bold work.” Chen Lei introduced that “Lu Ke” is abstracted from the egret bird in the Zen ink painting, and its overall shape is almost a drop shape. It is not limited to the shape of the egret, but an abstract spirit likeness, which is full of reiki and vitality. “I really appreciate that Xiamen, my hometown, can take a fancy to this plan, which really needs unique taste and courage.” Chen Lei said.

According to Chen Lei, “Lu Ke”, whose English name is LOOK, is very similar in pronunciation in Mandarin, Hokkien dialect and English. It shows its warm and hospitable nature and invites people to “LOOK” at Xiamen. It has two signature moves, one is to curl up the left, standing on a leg to show naughty character, and the other is a heart formed by three feathers on the top of the head, which shows cuteness. The overall design is simple and practical, which is suitable for various two-dimensional applications, and can also be made into balloons, dolls and other products.

At the press conference, the first batch of online application products, such as Egret WeChat emoji and H5, were officially launched, and citizens and friends could interact with Little Egret.

At the same time, the first batch of units to promote and use the logo of Egret were released at the meeting, and the Egret logo will be unveiled on landmarks such as Shimao Twin Towers, Yuanbo Garden Moon Halo and Wetland Park TOD.

It is reported that the Organizing Committee will make full use of various channels and methods to publicize and apply the Xiamen logo of Egret, so that the Egret can fly into the homes of ordinary people and further enhance the popularity and influence of Xiamen.

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