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TheServerHost Launched Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Teluk Intan, Cyberjaya Dedicated Server Hosting Plans at very low cost

Best Malaysia Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Best Malaysia Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Easily buy a Malaysian Dedicated Server Hosting Plans offering Managed, Unmanaged, Linux, Windows, Bitcoin, Unlimited Bandwidth, Bare Metal Server & Game Host

DELHI, INDIA, April 13, 2022 / -- If client were running a large-scale website, client were probably wondering if Dedicated Server Hosting is right for them. Malaysia Dedicated servers offer a number of advantages over shared hosting. Client can choose their own hardware and upgrade their system to meet their specific needs, and client will have 100% of the server's resources to themselves. Dedicated servers are also more secure, allowing client to host large-scale sites and run heavy programs.

Malaysia Dedicated Server Hosting is the ideal choice for websites that require very high security. This hosting plan offers the best protection against hacker attacks and a malicious actor who wants to compromise their server. Dedicated servers are protected by enterprise-level security measures, including redundant power, networks, storage connectivity, and around-the-clock monitoring. And client can trust the service provider's expertise. Client won't have to worry about server security issues or scalability or reliability with a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Hosting allows client to monitor the performance of their website. A specialized business can use its critical business applications, and best dedicated server hosting can keep them in optimal condition. When these applications aren't working correctly, their efficiency, finances, productivity, and brand authority will be affected. The business can also suffer from lower profits. Their customers can't trust client as much as they can if their business is not performing optimally.

About Best Malaysia Dedicated Server Hosting Provider: Introducing TheServerHost:

Client will benefit from excellent customer support from TheServerHost team of experts. Client will be able to resolve all of their technical issues quickly and easily. The server's powerful hardware is fully supported by their dedicated ticket system. If client need help setting up a new website or upgrading their existing server, client can reach the tech support team by phone, email, or live chat. They'll also work with client on any server upgrade or problem.

Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses with lots of data to manage. Dedicated servers feature powerful hardware and software that can run any application or manage databases. They also come with Plesk or cPanel, so client can customize the look and layout of their website. Client can also select an unlimited hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth. If client were not sure of what client need, client can always choose a trial version.

TheServerHost is a reliable and secure web hosting company that is great for small businesses and professionals alike. Their unmetered disk space and bandwidth will make it easy for client to run their business websites with ease and flexibility. The server is configured with powerful enterprise-grade hardware, and client can install any application client like. In addition to its excellent business support, TheServerHost also offers multiple hosting plans for their site.

Feature and Benefits offered by TheServerHost

Large Scale Website: Malaysia Dedicated hosting is ideal for large-scale websites. Its dedicated resources mean that it can handle large volumes of traffic without experiencing slow-loading times. This feature is important if their site has an SSL certificate or a dedicated mail server. Furthermore, public static IP addresses eliminate the hassle of changing records every time a lease expires. In addition, dedicated servers are more secure and reliable, so client can use them with confidence.

Secured: Dedicated server hosting is perfect for businesses and individuals who want to run multiple smaller websites. The security of dedicated hosting is enhanced as client do not share the server with other users. This means that client can use all kinds of software and implement special security measures for their websites. The advanced control panels make it easier to manage their website, and client get round-the-clock technical support if needed. Dedicated servers also offer a premium level of service.

Scalable: One of the main benefits of dedicated server hosting is scalability. When a promotional event occurs, their website will likely experience a 30x increase in traffic compared to normal. Otherwise, their site may crash and create a negative user experience. Furthermore, shared services typically don't offer features for increasing the server's capacity. These benefits are just a few of the many benefits of dedicated server hosting. Client can learn more about each of them in the benefits section below.

Host Games: If client are considering hosting their website on a dedicated server, there are some features to look for. For starters, dedicated servers are perfect for high-end applications. They allow client to directly control hardware resources. This type of hosting is great for websites with high input/output demands, such as gaming services. This type of server can deliver consistently high performance, and it allows client to address bottlenecks.

Protected: Dedicated servers are also known to have low maintenance costs. Their hosting provider will take care of firewalls, caching software, and even the network layer, so client can focus on their website. Client can also count on enterprise-grade security, with round-the-clock monitoring, redundant power, and storage connectivity. If client are looking for high-performance web hosting, look for a company that offers enterprise-grade security. This means that their data is protected from hackers and other threats. Dedicated servers are also highly resilient to traffic spikes.

Flexible: Dedicated server hosting offers the flexibility of choosing their operating system. Their business may require a particular operating system. Client may want to choose Windows Server OS, or Linux distributions. Some software is only compatible with older versions of operating systems. If this is the case, make sure their dedicated hosting provider supports the operating system that client require. It is essential to make sure client have full control of their server and are able to customize its software according to their needs.

Full Control: Dedicated servers also give client full control over the hardware and security. Most large websites require high-performance hardware and security, and low-end servers often fail to run heavy programs. Client will have the ability to select hardware and upgrade it when needed. Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses that deal with significant size transactions. This means client can use more powerful hardware and avoid paying over the odds. A dedicated server also allows client to choose their own operating system, which means client can upgrade it if necessary.

Managed Services offered by TheServerHost

Server Maintenance: In today's fast-paced digital world, servers play a vital role. Besides allowing employees to store data, servers also enable them to access it from anywhere. To ensure that they continue working properly, they must be regularly maintained. Here are some tips on server maintenance. These steps will ensure the efficiency and reliability of their server. Here are the steps to perform server maintenance:

Perform regular security checks During server maintenance, make sure to check for vulnerabilities and install security patches on individual computers. Server Provider should also review the server logs for any security alerts or hacking attempts. Update antivirus software on each computer in the network. Update essential software and service packs during maintenance, or schedule it to occur after hours. Hardware component replacement and system corrections are also common during maintenance.

Server maintenance is essential for business continuity and service uptime. Even one small error in the settings can lead to a cascade of problems. Many businesses only consider server maintenance as something to do during the warranty period. Whether client opt for server management or hardware break/fix maintenance, client need to be sure that their servers are functioning at their optimum level. Keep an eye on server health and consider hiring a professional to do regular server maintenance for their servers.

Server Monitoring: If client are unsure about how to perform server maintenance, client can take advantage of a server monitoring service. With the help of such a service, client can ensure that their servers are secure and that they work optimally. This service can prevent costly infrastructure replacement and prolong the lifespan of their server equipment.

Update their server software - The latest versions of server OS are released regularly, making it difficult to keep their server updated. However, if client have an automated patch management system in place, client can easily get notifications of new updates and set them to update automatically. Also, client should perform remote scans to detect vulnerabilities in their server. Client should run remote vulnerability scans to find out which entry points are unprotected. For instance, client should update their server if client detect a missing backup or a bug.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to extend the life span of their server. Servers run 24/7, so they accumulate heat and particles, which needs regular attention. Preventative maintenance is the most effective way to ensure their server stays in tip-top shape and continues to work efficiently. Make sure to schedule preventative maintenance tasks to avoid missing any of them. These preventative maintenance tasks not only ensure optimal functionality and extended life, but they will also prevent a number of problems from occurring.

Daily Backup: A daily backup service can help client recover quickly if a disaster hits their server. The benefits of a cloud backup are backed up in the cloud, which means client don't have to worry about their data being lost or corrupted.

Daily Backup Service is an essential feature of a hosting provider's plan. The service will back up their website on a daily basis, saving all its files and MySQL databases outside of the application hosting structure. This guarantees the utmost security. Client can specify how long client want the backup to be available by setting the "retention" parameter. The Daily Backup Service allows client to store data up to 24 hours before the day client request it.

Data Center Infrastructure: While traditional data centers incorporate all security technology at their core, these facilities can be vulnerable to attacks from hackers and malicious actors. Data center design and operation also needs to be resilient to environmental conditions, human events, and power outages. This requires a robust support infrastructure that can withstand these types of attacks. Data centers are designed with multiple levels of redundancy: Tier I facilities require redundant power and cooling systems. Tier II facilities add redundant power and cooling systems, while Tier III data centers use fault-tolerant architecture.

A comprehensive approach to data center infrastructure management helps organizations avoid potential problems from poor management. It helps ensure high availability and durability of IT assets. In the modern IT world, unexpected events are inevitable. To keep their Application Interface online, it is crucial that their Data Center Infrastructure is managed with utmost accuracy. This starts with a thorough planning process, which gives client an overview of the assets that client need to deploy. Data center management software provides a solution to address these issues.

A data center infrastructure needs to support the current workload of their organization, as well as future requirements. The data center must be flexible enough to evolve with their business and remain operational in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Today's data centers are more flexible than ever, and the technology that powers them needs to be equally dynamic and scalable. As a result, server virtualization and cloud computing have increased the volume of traffic moving through data centers, far exceeding traditional client-server traffic.

The vast majority of data centers have cooling infrastructure. This includes fans, HVAC equipment, and pipes containing outside cold water. In addition, they need adequate power sources to ensure a steady supply of energy to the equipment. In fact, the cooling infrastructure is essential in maintaining the data center's performance. However, there is an endless list of possible components to consider in a data center. If client were not sure about which parts of the infrastructure are most important, client can hire a professional to conduct an analysis.

SSL Certificate: Using an SSL Certificate will secure their online interactions, including their customers' personal information. These certificates help to ensure the security of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, from hackers, while also ensuring the authenticity of their website. SSL certificates are used for email servers, web-based applications, and server-to-server communications, among other uses. In addition to securing their online transactions, SSL also provides privacy to their business. To get an SSL Certificate, client should set up their website for HTTPS.

Aside from securing sensitive information, SSL certificates also create a sense of trust and reliability among customers. According to statistics, nearly 17% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to lack of trust. Moreover, SSL certificates allow their visitors to know that their website is trustworthy and belongs to a reputable company. Having an SSL certificate is a good start for their online business. Client can choose from several types of SSL Certificates.

A SSL certificate is a small data file that authenticates a website's identity and encrypts information sent to the server. This secure connection is visible to browsers thanks to the padlock icon and HTTPS address. The web service host must demonstrate domain ownership to the certificate authority to receive an SSL certificate. This authentication process is similar to the way a letter is sealed inside an envelope. Once the SSL certificate has been issued, the browser can then verify that the website's identity is real.

DDOS Protection: If client were worried about DDoS attacks affecting their website, client may want to consider using a DDOS protection service. These services provide a comprehensive solution to protect their website from known as well as zero-day attacks. A DDoS protection service will monitor hundreds of thousands of parameters at any one time. This means that client can rest assured that their website will remain secure. This is especially important for businesses that operate websites.

Volumetric attacks, on the other hand, are characterized by the use of botnets. These botnets are made up of malware-infected devices controlled by the attacker. Bot traffic can dramatically slow down a website's performance or prevent access to the internet-facing services. Bots can also take over legitimate devices and amplify bandwidth-intensive DDoS attacks. Volumetric attacks are especially difficult to detect and prevent, since they make use of reflection and amplification techniques to overwhelm the target.

A DDoS attack is like a zombie apocalypse on the internet. The bad actor overwhelms a server with malicious traffic to prevent legitimate users from accessing websites, services, or networks. The goal of these attacks is to drive away legitimate users. But even more than that, they can also cause a network to crash and prevent legitimate users from doing business. Fortunately, DDOS protection is an affordable way to prevent such attacks.

Conclusions: TheServerHost offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and it gives client complete control over their website server. Client can host unlimited domains, websites, and applications. Client can even install and run their own programs. With its free control panel, client can manage their website with ease. Client can also get expert advice from a support representative if client need it. A dedicated IP address can also save client a lot of time and money in the long run. There are also multiple high-speed network interfaces.

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