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Blaring Metal To Spread Love and Peace – Rising Artist Reinhard Zwisler Enthrals in Latest Single

With the aim of uniting people in love and for the world to be a better place, Reinhard Zwisler’s music is creating waves in the industry already

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA, April 1, 2022 / -- Reinhard Zwisler is an up and coming singer, songwriter who is also the lead singer in his latest single titled “Hey Man”. Hailing from the beautiful country of Austria, Reinhard Zwisler lives exactly in Oberndorf, very near Salzburg. What makes his place of residence of significant musical importance is that his house is just meters from the place where the Christmas song Silent Night was compiled.

What got Reinhard Zwisler into music was someone gifting him an accordion on his 3rd or 4th birthday. He kept toying around with the instrument, and on one fine spring he took the accordion to his favorite place in the forest and he began to discover music in its proper form – chords. It was his experimentation with the 7 chords he had incidentally stumbled upon that led to him eventually discovering an inclination towards music. At the age of 30, he finally learnt the theory of beat and tone from an African artist, and now at 50 years old, he is retrieving all the songs he used to have in his memory from his childhood.

What makes Reinhard Zwisler’s music so unique and extraordinary is how unafraid he is to let his music reflect the deepest recesses of his mind. He considers music to be a tool to be used for catharsis and communication, allowing his to connect with other people in a manner he has never experienced previously. Inspired by Johnny Cash and Bono from U2, Reinhard Zwisler aspires to unite people in love using his music, allowing the world to become a better place. As an artist with a moral conscience, he is well aware of his social responsibility towards the community, which is why he wants to use his gift wisely.

Go to to discover his complete discography and to check out his latest release titled “Hey Man”. Feel free to reach out to the artist via the email provided to schedule any interviews or collaborations.



Reinhard Zwisler is an up and coming artist who hails from Austria. His latest single is titled “Hey Man” and according to fans, it is his best work yet. Music came easily to his ever since he was a child playing with a gift accordion. Since then, music has been deeply ingrained into his intuition, allowing him to ‘feel’ his songs before he can write or perform them. A testament to how easily music comes to him is the fact that even at the level he is at right now, at 50, with the experience he has gained, he still can’t read notes.

As a rising artist who is starting to make waves in the music industry, he aspires to collaborate with hit producer and DJ David Guetta, although if it is a question of the singer and songwriter he aspires to collaborate with, then Sir James Paul McCartney is a no-brainier.



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Hey Man

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