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ITALY: Scientology members distribute 100,000 copies of The Way to Happiness to families in Padua

Italy Scientology Volunteers helping uplift moral and hope

Italy Scientology Volunteers helping uplift moral and hope

Italy Scientology Volunteers reaching households in Padova with hope

Italy Scientology Volunteers reaching households in Padova with hope

Tackling degradation and discomfort in Italy becomes easier with the booklet The Way to Happiness.

PADUA, ITALY, March 31, 2022 / -- In Padua, Italy, a few days after the news of the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the Church of Scientology and its volunteers distributed 100,000 free copies of the booklet The Way to Happiness, in addition to the physical help in different Italian cities and villages to contribute on better coping with the influx of people in need of help coming from Ukraine.

It is a common-sense guide to a better life, promoting a non-religious moral code written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, that has proven to be uplifting and emotionally relieving in times of crisis, said Ivan Arjona, President of the European Office of the Church of Scientology.

And it is obvious that these are not good times for anyone who is able to look at what is happening in our society. After two years of the pandemic, and just when it seemed that we were coming out of the tunnel, here comes the conflict in Eastern Europe, with the spectre of a world war hanging over everyone. "We should all be working for Peace," said Arjona, "and uplifting the spirit and emotions of people is definitely an important part of it".

On an emotional level, for many, the current situation could mean jumping from the frying pan into the fire. This, plus the ensuing social and economic problems, generate great individual unease and social degradation that NGOs around the world "try to fix" by providing one on one help and "diplomatic moves" at all levels "since the relations and respect between governments play an important on the end result" pointed our Arjona.

Young people have also been put to the test. They are having to deal with new difficulties such as not being able to have contact with friends. Social media were in many cases the only sources of 'advice' to follow, but now we are witnessing an inexplicable escalation of violent behaviour even by young people who have lost any hope, in the main cities of Italy.

That is why, Scientologists say, a guide to common sense, such as The Way to Happiness, can be useful, especially considering that the precepts it illustrates are suited to our times, to young and older people and their need to find their own way, a way that leads to the realisation of what is most good and constructive in them and to construct a peaceful society.

"Even though it may seem banal stating it," says Tiziana Bonazza, of the Public Affairs Office of the Church of Scientology of Padua, "the thing to do is not to let go and take charge of your own life; and if that happens, you have to find a way to recover. Our contribution was to donate 100,000 copies of The Way to Happiness to the families of our city, in the hope that they will read it and put into practice what it contains in order to gain the maximum benefit". Many wise people in history continue to recall us that hope is the last thing one must lose and experience, says Arjona, that even the mere fact of finding a book with such a title, opens the door to believe that there is hope, that there is an achievable goal of a state of affairs towards which we can all walk.

The distribution of the booklets was accompanied by a series of television interviews and public service announcements showing three of the 21 precepts that make up the moral code presented and well described in the booklet.

Padua is not, however, an isolated case. Inspired by precept no. 12 of The Way to Happiness, 'Protect and improve your environment', a group of volunteers in Monza has been working for years to restore urban decorum. In 2021 alone they carried out 25 interventions, 10 of which were requested by the municipal administration on the basis of the cooperation agreement that the municipality signed with the group 7 years ago.

Groups of Scientology volunteers inspired by the precept "Protect and improve your environment" are also active in Milan, Turin, Brescia, Pordenone, Naples, Foggia and Cagliari, cities in which action is being taken to remedy urban decay, especially that which affects green areas, while also seeking to set a good example, as per precept no. 6 of The Way to Happiness.

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