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A Famous Chinese Artist – Dong Yiquan

Dong Yiquan, born in 1962, Du Shu village, Hongdong County, Shanxi Province,  contemporary Chinese painter, calligrapher, China’s famous painting and calligraphy master Dong Shouping’s grandson. As a family of poetry and calligraphy, Dong Yiquan has loved painting and calligraphy since childhood.  In his twenties, was knee to learn painting and calligraphy from his grandfather Dong Shouping, determined to inherit the style of Dong scholars. His grandfather Dong Shouping, once said happily, “Yiquan and I share the same birthday. We have a deep affinity, and he is as stubborn as I am. We like painting and calligraphy. I am very pleased that the Dong family has a successor to the style of writing.” Dong Shouping gave his study the name “The Book Court of Dong’s Writing Style.” Because Dong families live in the west bank of Fenhe Du Shu Yongle Fort Village, Dong Yiquan is also called “Yongle Castle lay.”

His grandfather, Dong Shouping, took Dong Yiquan to participate in many large-scale art exhibitions at home and abroad. During the period, he was deeply appreciated by his grandfather’s close friends, Qi Gong, Zhao Shaoang, Wu Zuoren, Li Keran and Liu Haisu. They taught Dong Yiquan calligraphy and painting skills. After decades of hard work, Dong finally lived up to everyone’s expectations and became an excellent Chinese painter and calligrapher. On June 21, 1997, his grandfather Dong Shouping passed away in the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital in Beijing, and Dong Yiquan continued to inherit Dong’s seal and style of writing in Hongdong.

Dong Yiquan concluded that the process of painting is how to unify the figuration and abstraction, and it is also the process of integrating the painter himself with the painting. The style of Dong’s writing is that the man is the painting and the painting is the man.

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