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Enlyft Unveils Next-Generation Predictive Selling Capabilities for B2B Teams, Including Account Fit, Buying Signals, and GenAI at Scale

KIRKLAND, WA / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2024 / Enlyft, the leading predictive selling platform for go-to-market teams, today announced the launch of four groundbreaking capabilities, now available to all customers. These AI-powered enhancements help B2B organizations worldwide to identify, prioritize, and engage at scale with the right buyers.

Enlyft unveils next-generation predictive selling capabilities for B2B teams
Enlyft unveils next-generation predictive selling capabilities for B2B teams
Enlyft's newly-launched AI-powered enhancements help B2B organizations worldwide to identify, prioritize, and engage at scale with the right buyers.

Enlyft has long been a pioneer in simplifying complex go-to-market (GTM) strategies and building dynamic models for the world's leading technology companies, giving them unprecedented platform access to target millions of accounts by using proprietary data and analytics only available through the Enlyft Company Graph. Now, Enlyft is opening these trailblazing predictive models and capabilities to every high-growth and large enterprise-enabling organizations to precisely identify their total addressable market (TAM), focus on the right ideal customer profile (ICP), prioritize buying signals to get ahead of competitors, and leverage GenAI with every buyer interaction.

"Our new predictive selling capabilities will be game-changing for Enlyft customers," said Lokesh Dave, Enlyft CEO. "We have been solving the hardest GTM challenges for some of the largest technology companies on the planet. Account Fit and Buying Signals let modern sales and marketing teams take advantage of generative AI at scale and offer new ways to target the right customers, accelerate results, and sell more efficiently."

"We are huge fans of Enlyft and the ROI they provide," said Pete Hanson, Microsoft Director Customer Insights, WW SMB Organization. "No other vendor can deliver B2B account intelligence at scale, combined with an expertise in building proprietary models. We have been piloting Enlyft's next-generation capabilities for several months with key selling and partner teams-it's incredibly effective and works well with our Microsoft Copilot initiatives."

"Enlyft is a critical component of our go-to-market efforts," said Carlos Velasquez, Pax8 VP Revenue Planning & Operations. "With the dynamic propensity and lead scoring models we've already built with Enlyft, we can leverage the new GenAI capabilities to generate unique customer and partner insights and personalize our communications at scale."

B2B GTM efforts transformed with new predictive capabilities

Despite large investments in sales and marketing technology, organizations still struggle to identify, prioritize, and engage with the right customers. Enlyft takes a radically different approach to GTM success by applying expertise in machine learning and AI to bring new predictive selling capabilities into the platform without requiring first-party data.

  • The introduction of Enlyft Account Fit revolutionizes how organizations identify and define their TAM from a rich database of over 30 million companies. Teams can easily craft actionable ICPs in a matter of hours-versus weeks or months with traditional approaches-using an intuitive interface and a wide array of criteria. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional firmographics to incorporate advanced filters like technology use, industry focus, geographical data, and exclusive AI models. With Enlyft Account Fit, businesses can precisely segment, score, and focus their GTM strategies on the most promising accounts. This adaptive tool also facilitates ongoing ICP refinement based on market shifts and insights gleaned from current customers, ensures sales and marketing efforts are up to date, and activates new GTM motions.
  • Enlyft Buying Signals™ now includes scoring for early- to mid-stage buyer intent to help GTM teams prioritize which customers to focus on and sell to-well ahead of competitors. Enlyft Buying Signals data is unique to Enlyft and its customers, compiled from billions of buying signals each week across news, events, hiring, jobs, and more. In addition to the scores themselves, Enlyft provides the "signals behind the scores"-what the specific buying signals are and when it may be a good time to engage-helping improve conversion rates, increase average deal size, and accelerate deal velocity.
  • Intelligent Snapshots is a new GenAI-powered capability, having gone through extended, real-world testing with thousands of sales professionals. Dynamically generated for 30 million+ companies within the Enlyft Company Graph, Intelligent Snapshots are tuned to match an organization's ICP, the solutions they sell, and available buying signals-providing users with rich context about an account, whether it is a good fit, what to do next, and even who to engage with. It is like having an instant 10-K available for every account.
  • AI Outreach, another new GenAI tool, helps shorten the time needed to personalize emails and engage at scale. Using all the information, signals, and scoring available within the Enlyft platform, users can generate different types of emails-from sales-focused to educational templates-that are highly targeted to specific buyer personas. These emails can then be easily sent from any CRM system or added to existing email cadences. Select enterprise customers can generate these intelligent emails using the Enlyft API.

Additional updates, including a new business plan

In addition to the four predictive capabilities, Enlyft is announcing a new subscription plan to help organizations get started quickly, as well as further platform enhancements.

  • Enlyft Business Edition packages the predictive selling capabilities together into a single plan, which is unique in the industry. Starting at 20 users and 20,000 credits-and including Account Fit, Buying Signals, GenAI, and the Enlyft platform-it is suited to high-growth and large organizations who want to accelerate their GTM efforts and intelligently enrich accounts at scale.
  • The industry-leading Enlyft Company Graph, purpose-built for large addressable markets and selling multiple solutions, continues to expand its coverage and quality, providing up-to-date information on more than 30 million companies, 300 million buyer personas, 18 thousand technologies, and billions of buying signals.

Enlyft is a sponsor at the upcoming Forrester B2B Summit May 5-8, 2024, in Austin, TX. In their speaking session entitled "Radically transform your ICP Fit for GTM success," they will share how enterprises can reinvent their ICP Fit by leveraging data intelligence, models, intent signals, and the power of GenAI.

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