Washington, D.C. 20549


                                 SCHEDULE 13D/A

                                 (Rule 13d-101)

                                 Amendment No.1

                   RULE 13d-1(a) AND AMENDMENTS THERETO FILED
                            PURSUANT TO RULE 13d-2(a)

                                  Accenture Ltd

                                (Name of Issuer)

              Class X common shares, par value $0.0000225 per share

                         (Title of Class of Securities)


                                 (CUSIP Number)

                               Douglas G. Scrivner
                               1661 Page Mill Road
                           Palo Alto, California 94304
                            Telephone: (650) 213-2000

           (Name, Address and Telephone Number of Person Authorized to
                       Receive Notices and Communications)

                                  May 22, 2002

             (Date of Event Which Requires Filing of This Statement)

     If the filing person has previously filed a statement on Schedule 13G to
report the acquisition that is the subject of this Schedule 13D, and is filing
this statement because of Rule 13d-1(e), 13d-1(f) or 13d-1(g), check the
following box.[_]

                         (Continued on following pages)

                              (Page 1 of 52 Pages)

CUSIP No. N/A                      13D                      Page 2 of 52 Pages


 1    Each of the persons identified on Appendix A

 2    As to a group consisting solely of Voting Provision Persons(1)   (a) [X]
      As to a group consisting of persons other than Voting
      Provision Persons                                                (b) [X]
      OO (Applies to each person listed on Appendix A)
      TO ITEM 2(d) or 2(e)                                                [_]
      (Applies to each person listed on Appendix A)
      As indicated on Appendix A.
                          SOLE VOTING POWER (See Item 6)
     NUMBER OF            0
      SHARES       -----------------------------------------------------------
     OWNED BY        8

      EACH                486,281,640

    REPORTING      -----------------------------------------------------------
      PERSON              SOLE DISPOSITIVE POWER (See Item 6)
       WITH          9
                          As to all Voting Provision Persons other than
                          Stichting Naritaweg I and Stichting Naritaweg II,
                          less than 1% of outstanding Common Shares(2)

                          As to Stichting Naritaweg I, 30,863,299
                          As to Stichting Naritaweg II, 34,409,766

                          SHARED DISPOSITIVE POWER (See Item 6)




      OO as to the persons listed on Appendix A under the caption "Stichtings";
      IN as to all other persons listed on Appendix A
   (1)  For a definition of this term please see Item 2.
   (2)  For a definition of this term please see Item 1.
   (3)  Each voting Provision Person disclaims beneficial ownership of Common
        Shares held by each other Voting Provision Person.

                              (Page 2 of 52 Pages)

                                                                      APPENDIX A

                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        AALBREGTSE, R JOHN                 United States
        ABBERTON, DAVID A                  Australia
        ABBOSH, ODAY                       United Kingdom
        ABBOSH, OMAR                       United Kingdom
        ABELOW, ALLAN V                    United States
        ABIUSO, CARMELA A                  United States
        ABOOD, DAVID J                     United States
        ABRAHAMSEN, ANNE FOSS              Norway
        ABRAHAMSSON, ANDERS B              Sweden
        ACABBI, CARLO LUIGI                Italy
        ADAMS, TERRY LEE                   United States
        ADELMAN, MICHELLE R                United States
        ADKINS, KEDRICK D                  United States
        ADLER, PAUL JOHN                   United Kingdom
        ADRIAO, PAULA                      Portugal
        AERTS, KEES C                      The Netherlands
        AGNEW, THOMAS J                    United States
        AGUADO, JORGE                      Mexico
        AHLSTROM, SCOTT K                  United States
        AHMED, JAVED                       United Kingdom
        AHRENS, DARRIN E                   United States
        AKE, KENNET W                      United States
        ALAIRYS, TAMARA D                  United States
        AL-ANI, AYAD                       Germany
        ALBRIGHT, JEROME J                 United States
        SEBASTIAO C G                      Portugal
        ALCOBIA, JOSE JORGE                Portugal
        ALCOVERRO, ALEJANDRO C             Argentina
        ALFIERI, MICHAEL A                 United States
        ALGER, W CHRISTOPHER               United States
        ALLABY, MARK J                     United Kingdom/Australia
        ALLAN, DAWN J                      Australia
        ALLAWAY, JONATHON R C              Australia
        ALLEN, DAVID J                     United Kingdom
        ALLEN, CHRISTOPHER J               United States
        ALLISON, MERYL A                   United States
        ALTIERO, SAMUEL F                  United States
        ALTMANN, ALEXANDRA                 Germany
        ALVARADO, RAUL EUGENIO             United States
        ALVAREZ, ROBERTO                   Argentina
        AMADOR, JUAN E                     Spain
        AMBROSE, JANE F                    United States
        ANCLIEN, ROBERT A                  United States
        ANDERSON, MATTHEW J                United States
        ANDERSON, ERIC A                   United States
        ANDERSON, BRETT B                  United States
        ANDERSON, DAVID LANGLEY            United States
        ANDERSON, STEPHEN J                United States
        ANDES, GRANT                       United States
        ANDRE, ARNAUD                      France
        ANDREWS, JONATHAN S                United Kingdom
        ANDREWS, JOHN R                    United Kingdom
        ANDREWS, GREG                      United States
        ANDREWS, DAVID M                   United States
        ANDRUS, GARTH R                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        ANGELASTRO, MARIO A                Argentina
        ANMA, YUTAKA                       Japan
        ANSLINGER, PATRICIA                United States
        ANSUSINHA, THEODORE                United States
        ANTONIOLLI, DAVID A                United States
        APREGAN, G CRAIG                   United States
        ARENBERG, THOMAS E                 United States
        ARJMAND, MASUD M                   United States
        ARKERI, SHEELA P                   Australia
        ARKY, MARGARET ELIZABETH           United States
        ARMITAGE, DUNCAN                   British West Indies
        ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM JOHN            Canada
        ARMSTRONG, IAN H                   Zimbabwe
        ARORA, SANDEEP K                   India
        ARRIGHINI, LUIGI                   Italy
        ARRISON, JAMES W                   United States
        ARTHUR, IAN G                      United Kingdom
        ARTMAN, LES                        United States
        ARVANITIS, YANNIS S                United States
        ASTALL, ELISABETH A                United Kingdom
        ASTORIAN, JAMES A                  United States
        ASTRACHAN, MARCELO                 Brazil
        ATIHE, EDUARDO                     Brazil
        ATKINS, CHRISTOPHER G              Australia
        ATKINSON, JOHN D                   United States
        ATTAR, GEORGE                      Canada
        AUBERT, OLIVIER                    France
        AUCHERE, HERVE                     France
        AUDIA, JOHN                        Canada
        AUMAN, KENNETH                     United States
        AUSTIN, MARY ELLEN                 United States
        AWAD, SAMUEL A                     United States
        AZHAR, AHMAD                       Malaysia
        BABA, AKIFUMI                      Japan
        BACIC, CHRIS J                     United States
        BACON, SYLVAIN                     Canada
        BADALONI, LUIGI                    Italy
        BADOWER, MYRON R                   United States
        BAE, JAE-BONG                      Korea
        BAECKER, THOMAS P                  Germany
        BAGNASCO, PAOLO                    Italy
        BAIER, ANDREAS                     Germany
        BAILEY, JAMES E                    United States
        BAILEY, MARYLOU Y                  United States
        BAKER, ANN FRANCES                 United Kingdom
        BAKER, W KENT                      United States
        BAKER, CHRISTOPHER M               United States
        BAKSHI, ANIL R                     United States
        BALAGUER, ELLEN M                  United States
        ALBERTO                            Italy
        BALDWIN, KENNETH WAYNE             United States
        BALL, CHARLES                      Peru/France
        BALLESTEROS, JORDI                 Spain
        BAN, MUNEATSU                      Japan
        BANERJEE, PRADIP K                 United States
        BARANCOURT, JEROME                 France
        BARANDA, ANA                       Spain
        BARBA, RANDOLPH CARY               United States
        BARBERA, MICHELANGELO              Italy
        BARBOUR, CHRISTOPHER E             Australia
        BARBOZA, SILVIO L                  Brazil
        BARDEN, THOMAS D                   United States
        BARINI, MAURIZIO                   Italy
        BARNARD, RODERICK E                Australia
        BARNES, NIGEL                      United Kingdom
        BARNES, ALAN H                     United States
        BARNETSON, IAN                     United Kingdom
        BARRINGER, C KEITH                 United States
        BARRY, THOMAS BRENDAN              United Kingdom
        BARSANTI VIGO, PEDRO               Spain
        BARTELS, RACHAEL M J               United Kingdom
        BARTH, MANFRED E                   Germany

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        BARTON, MICHAEL P                  United States
        BARTON, TROY B                     United States
        BARUCH, DAVID B                    United States
        BASS, CHRISTY G                    United States
        BASSON, KOOS M                     South Africa
        BATISTA, MARTHA J                  United States
        BATTISTONI, KATHY L                United States
        BAUGHN, JOHN B                     United States
        BAUMANN, PETER                     Germany
        BAUMGARTNER, CHRISTIAN             Switzerland
        BEADLE, LOREN G                    United States
        BEADLE, NATHAN E                   United States
        BEAN, SALLY                        South Africa/Italy
        BEAN, RICHARD A                    United States
        BEATON, MARK                       United Kingdom
        BEBBINGTON, DAVID A                United Kingdom
        BECKER, TIMOTHY A                  United States
        BEDELL, EILEEN H                   United States
        BEDI, ARJUN                        United States
        BEECH, JEFFREY A                   United States
        BEENE, STEVEN D                    United States
        BEG, JEFFREY I                     United States
        BEGGS, RICHARD O                   United States
        BELL, JOHN T                       South Africa/United
        BELL, MICK A                       United Kingdom
        BELL, ROYCE MICHAEL JAMES          United Kingdom
        BELL, PHILLIP J                    United States
        BELL III, WILLIAM M                United States
        BELL JR, THOMAS ROWE               United States
        BELLAMIT, PHILIPPE                 France
        BELLANTE, NANCI D                  United States
        BELLAS, PETER C                    United States
        BELTRAN, GREGORY D                 United States
        BENADIBA WAHNICH, JACOB            Spain
        BENASSO, FABIO                     Italy
        BENEDETTO, GIOVANNI                Italy
        BENGTSSON, BJORN ERIK              Sweden
        BENITEZ, JORGE L                   United States
        BENORE, MICHAEL J                  United States
        BENRAIS, KARIM A                   France
        BENSON, LA CINDA S                 United States
        BENTON, DANIEL MARK                United Kingdom
        BENZECRY, OLIVER J                 United Kingdom
        BERENS, MICHAEL M                  United States
        BERG, SCOTT D                      United States
        BERGMAN, ERNST-JAN                 The Netherlands
        BERGMUELLER, FRANZ                 Germany
        BERNASKI, MICHAEL J                United States
        BERO, BRET H                       United States
        BERRY, GIANCARLO N                 Brazil
        BERRY, LARRY J                     South Africa
        BERRY, RANDALL E                   United States
        BERTHON, BRUNO                     France
        BERTO, J DOUGLAS                   United States
        BERTON, ROBERT M                   United States
        BERVOETS, MARC F                   Belgium
        BESSE, JONATHAN F                  United States
        BETTI, GIANLUIGI                   Italy
        BHANAP, RICHARD G                  United Kingdom
        BHANSALI, UDAY                     India
        BIEBER, DAVID L                    United States
        BIENZ, PIUS                        Switzerland
        BILL, HOLGER                       Germany
        BILLINGTON, NICHOLAS               United Kingdom
        BIRD, ADRIAN RICHARD               United Kingdom
        BISCAY, GILLES                     France
        BLACKADDER, PETER NIGEL            United Kingdom
        BLADON JR, JOHN                    United States
        BLAIR, ALASTAIR MURRAY             Ireland

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        BLAKE, GREGORY KEITH               United States
        BLAKEY, TONY                       United Kingdom
        BLAKEY, ROBERT V                   United States
        BLANCHARD, ANDREW J                United States
        BLANKENSHIP, DANA BETH             United States
        BLENNERHASSETT, LEO                Ireland
        BLOCH, ANDREW DAVID                United States
        BLOM, HENDRIK JAN                  The Netherlands
        BLOMFIELD, JAMES                   Australia
        BLOOM, WILLIAM A                   United States
        BLOWER, NIGEL                      United Kingdom
        BLUMBERG, DAVID L                  United States
        BOATH, DAVID D                     United Kingdom
        BOELENS, PIETER W                  The Netherlands
        BOHM, LARS A                       Sweden
        BOITEL, CHRISTOPHE                 France
        BOKOBZA, JEAN PIERRE               France
        BOLDRINI, FERNANDO JIMENEZ         Brazil
        BOLSTAD, MARTIN FUHR               Norway
        BOLTON JR, JAMES RICHARD           United States
        BONGER, VALENTIJN                  The Netherlands
        BONIZZATO, SAULO L                 Brazil/Italy
        BONOMI, EUGENIO                    Italy
        BONOMI, MARCO LAURO                Italy
        BOONE, H KEITH                     United States
        BORELL, MARTIN H                   United States
        BOREN, CODY                        United States
        BOSCHE, PIERRE                     France
        BOSMA, RODNEY D                    United States
        BOSMANN, JACOB P                   The Netherlands
        BOUDREAU, MARK                     Canada
        BOUDREAU, TIMOTHY MICHAEL          United States
        BOUDVILLE, ALBERT R                Malaysia
        BOUEILH, PHILIPPE                  France
        BOULANGER, PAUL A                  United States
        BOULGER JR, RICHARD V              United States
        BOURKE, WILLIAM THEODORE           United States
        BOUSHKA, MICHAEL E                 United States
        BOVA, MICHAEL A                    United States
        BOWLER, JAMES T                    United States
        BOWMAN, MICHAEL L                  United States
        BOYLE, DAVID M                     Australia
        BOYSEN, JOERG                      Canada
        BOZARTH, MICHAEL D                 United States
        BOZZELLA, KIM LADOTA               United States
        BOZZOLI-PARASACCHI, LUCIO          Italy
        BRADLEY, BRENDAN WALSH             United States
        BRADY, NIGEL P                     United Kingdom
        BRADY, SCOTT                       United States
        BRAECKMANS, KAREN M                Belgium
        BRAKELEY III, HARRY H              United States
        BRANCHI, PAOLO                     Italy
        BRANDT, ROBERT S                   United States
        BRANNAN JR, DAVIS HINES            United States
        BRASH, CATRIONA M                  Australia
        BRASUELL, JUSTIN JOEL              United States
        BRAUN, CHRISTOPHE                  France
        BRAY, SIMON P                      Australia
        BRAY, DONALD M                     United States
        BREEN, NINA L                      United States
        BREEN, W TERENCE                   United States
        BREMHORST, JAMES C                 United States
        BRENNAN, CHRISTOPHER               Canada/United Kingdom
        BRESNAHAN, SUSANN F                United States
        BRESSA, MARCO                      Italy
        BRIEGER, DEBORA A                  United States
        BRIENZI, FRANK D                   United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        BRIGGS, JERRY H                    United States
        BRITSCHGI, EDGAR C                 Switzerland
        BROCKEN, MARCO P                   The Netherlands
        BROCKLESBY, CHRIS                  United Kingdom
        BRODA, RANDY A                     Canada
        BRODWIN, DAVID R                   United States
        BRODY, RACHEL R                    United States
        BRONFMAN, MARK C                   United States
        BROOKS, ZACHARY R                  United States
        BROSNAN, MAUREEN L                 United States
        BROWER, RICHARD L                  United States
        BROWN, DAVE                        United Kingdom
        BROWN, FRED W                      United States
        BROWN, THOMAS C                    United States
        BROWN, CHARLES PATRICK             United States
        BROWN, WILLIAM C                   United States
        BROWN, STEPHEN T                   United States
        BROWN, MARTIN R                    United States
        BROWNELL, MICHAEL P                United States
        BROYDEN, CHRIS                     United Kingdom
        BRUEHL, TERRY L                    United States
        BRUGGER, WOLFGANG                  Germany
        BRUGIDOU, ANTOINE                  France
        BRUNI, MARK J                      United States
        BRYANT, MARK G                     United Kingdom
        BRYCE, GLENN H                     Canada
        BRYDON, THOMAS E                   United States
        BRZEZICKI, PETER S                 United States
        BUESCH, THOMAS                     Germany
        BUGGE, VINCENT E                   United States
        BULLETTI, CHRISTIAN                Italy
        BUMSTEAD, JON CULVER               United Kingdom
        BURCKHARDT, CHRISTOPHER J          United States
        BURGESS, PAUL A                    United Kingdom
        BURGOS GONZALEZ, RAUL              Spain
        BURKE, THOMAS M                    United States
        BURKE, JOHN B                      United States
        BURNS, BRIAN S                     United States
        BURNS, ANN V                       United Kingdom
        BURNS, STEVEN ROBERT               United States
        BURROWS, DARREN                    United Kingdom
        BUSBY, KHAN                        United Kingdom
        BUTCHER, THOMAS L                  United States
        BUTKOW, CLIVE J                    South Africa
        BUTLER, SCOTT T                    Ireland
        BYANNA, VIDYA S                    United States
        BYRNE, KENNETH                     Ireland
        CABAY, MICHAEL A                   United States
        CABLE, BRAD P                      Australia
        CADARSO MARQUES, CARLOS            Spain
        CAINE, MICHAEL L                   United States
        CALBY, DOUGLAS H                   United States
        CALLAHAN, JOHN G                   United States
        CALLAWAY, PETER C                  Australia
        CALLET, SERGE E                    France
        CALLOWAY, ROBERT M                 United States
        CALVERT, ROBERT                    United States
        CALVIN, PAUL D                     United States
        CAMPAGNOLA, ROBERTO                Italy
        CAMPBELL, NICHOLAS Y               United States
        CAMPBELL, LISA L                   United States
        CANNING, JAMES EDWARD              Canada
        CANTARERO, JOSE MANUEL             Spain
        CANTWELL, PAUL LONAN               Ireland/United Kingdom
        CAPASSO, EUGENIO                   Italy
        CAPLAN, LISA L                     United States
        CAPONE, PAOLO                      Italy
        CARADONIO, VITO                    Italy
        CARAMONTA, DARRIN J                United States
        CARDWELL, TERRY L                  United States
        CARLILL, CERI                      United Kingdom

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        CARMINATI-RABASSE, ARMELLE         France
        CARNAHAN, KEVIN                    United States
        CARNEY, WILLIAM JOHN               United States
        CARRARA, MARCO                     Italy
        CARRIGAN, CHRIS                    United Kingdom
        CARRIZO, EDUARDO                   Argentina
        CARROLL, GREG JOHN                 Australia
        CARSON, VISDA M                    United States
        CARTER, CHARLES W H                United Kingdom
        CARTHY, STUART GRAHAM              United Kingdom
        CARTWRIGHT, DAVID                  United Kingdom
        CARTWRIGHT, PAUL                   United Kingdom
        CASATI, GIANFRANCO                 Italy
        CASIRAGHI, LUCA                    Italy
        CASIRAGHI, MASSIMO                 Italy
        CASTELLANO, ENRICO                 Italy
        CASTER, GREGORY P                  United States
        CASTLE, ROBERT J                   United States
        CATER, BARENT W                    United States
        CATLETT, JOHN M                    United States
        CAVALIERO, JOHNNY J                United States
        CAVENAUGH, DANIEL L                United States
        CELSI, STEFANIA                    Italy
        CERDAN, RICARDO M                  Argentina
        CERNY, KEITH JOSEPH                United States
        CERZA, PAOLO                       Italy
        CESARI, LUCA FORTUNATO             Italy
        CHALABY, CHERINE MOHSEN            United Kingdom
        CHALIFOUX, MARTIN                  Canada
        CHAN, FOO TUCK                     Malaysia
        CHAN, DANIEL HIOK KHIANG           Malaysia
        CHANG, MIN X                       United States
        CHANG, RICHARD A                   United States
        CHAPIN, LLOYD W                    United States
        CHAPMAN, ERIC                      United States
        CHAPPELL, GAVIN JOHN               United Kingdom
        CHARVET, CHRISTIAN                 France
        CHAUFFARD, PHILIPPE C              France/Switzerland
        CHAVES, JOSE MARCOS                Brazil
        CHEE, LAI YONG                     Singapore
        CHEESE, PETER AYRTON               United Kingdom
        CHEN, DAVID M                      United States
        CHEN, JODI M                       United States
        CHENELLE, JOSEPH D                 United States
        CHENG, WILLIE J H                  Singapore
        CHERNIK, TODD A                    United States
        CHESTNUT, GREGORY P                United States
        CHEW, ROBERT                       Singapore
        CHI, YOUNGCHO                      Korea
        CHILDS, RICHARD A                  United Kingdom
        CHING, YEW CHYE                    Malaysia
        CHIU, PAUL C                       United States
        CHO, BUM-COO                       Korea
        CHONG, CHUAN NEO                   Malaysia
        CHOONG, TUCK OON                   Malaysia
        CHOW, TONG FUL                     Malaysia
        CHOWLA, MANOJ                      United States
        CHRISTIN, SERGE E                  France
        CHRISTOU, ALEX                     United Kingdom
        CHUNG, MICHAEL H                   United States
        CIANCHI, STEFANO                   Italy
        CIRIELLO, ALBERTO                  Italy
        CITTON, ROBERTO                    Italy
        CIVIDINI, GIANMARCO                Italy
        CLANCY, J ANTHONY                  United States
        CLARK, RICHARD P                   United States
        CLARK, BRIAN A                     United States
        CLARKE, ANDREW                     Australia
        CLAUSER, ROBERT C                  United States
        CLAUSSEN, THOMAS                   Germany
        CLEMENT, ROBERT C                  United States
        CLEMENTS, STEWART ROBERT           United Kingdom
        CLIMIE, KEN G                      British West Indies
        CLINE, MITCHELL R                  United States
        CLINE, WILLIAM F                   United States
        CLINTON, DAVID R                   United Kingdom

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        COATES, LARRY L                    United States
        COFFEY, JOHN L                     United States
        COLE, MARTIN I                     United States
        COLELLA, SERGIO                    France
        COLEMAN, MARK T                    Canada
        COLEMAN, COLLEEN K                 United States
        COLEMAN, JAMES B                   United States
        COLLINS, MICHAEL J                 United States
        COLLINS, MICHAEL F                 United States
        COLLINSON, SHAWN                   United Kingdom
        COLMENA, ANTONIO                   Spain
        COLOME, JORDI                      Spain
        COLOMINA, RAMON                    United States
        COMERFORD, JOELLIN                 United States
        CONDON, MICHAEL G                  United States
        CONFORTI, DANIEL F                 Argentina
        CONLEY, IAN                        United Kingdom
        CONTRI, GIOVANNI                   Italy
        CONVEY, STEVEN G                   Canada
        COOK, NORMAN JAMES                 United Kingdom
        COPACINO, WILLIAM C                United States
        COPPE, GRIEG W                     United States
        CORA, MARCELO G                    Argentina
        CORALLO, SILVANO                   Italy
        CORCORAN, MARIAN                   Ireland
        CORLESS, KENNETH                   United States
        CORNELIUS, CRAIG B                 United States
        CORNELIUS, RICHARD D               United States
        CORREIA, TEUTLY                    Brazil
        COSTELLO, NANCY R                  United States
        COSTELLO, MICHAEL J                United States
        COTE, BRIAN M                      United States
        COTTEY, PAUL T                     United States
        COUGHLAN, ANTHONY G                United States
        COUGHLIN, RICHARD J                United States
        COUGOUL, JEAN LOUIS                France
        COURTNEY, PETER ROGER              United Kingdom
        COURTNEY, CORY H                   United States
        COVILLE, BENOIT                    France
        COWAN, CHRISTOPHER M               United Kingdom
        COYLE, DAVID W                     United States
        CRABTREE, TERESA S                 United States
        CRAIG, PAMELA J                    United States
        CRANLEY, THOMAS A                  United States
        CRANOS, CONSTANCE A                United States
        CRAVER, JON D                      United States
        CREEDON, PATRICIA                  Ireland/United States
        CRENNAN, KAREN                     United States
        CRETOT, PASCAL                     France
        CROCITTO, FRANK D                  United States
        CROISSANT, HANS-JUERGEN            Germany
        CROOK, PAUL                        United States
        CROSBY, PHIL J                     United States
        CROTHERS, WILLIAM                  United Kingdom
        CROW, DAVID A                      United States
        CROWLEY, JAMES D                   Ireland
        CRUDELE, JORGE                     Argentina
        CRUZ, RITA FRANCISCA S             Philippines
        CUDDIHEY, ALDEN                    Canada
        CULP, STEVEN R                     United States
        CUMBY, SCOTT G                     United States
        CUNNINGHAM, JOHN EDWARD            United States
        CURRAN, DAVID T                    Australia
        CURTIS, ANDREW R                   United Kingdom
        CURTIS, GARY A                     United States
        CUSACK, CARRIE L                   United States
        CUSANO JR, JOHN MICHAEL            United States
        CUTRONA, SALVATORE MICHAEL         United States
        DAGRADI, MICHELE                   Italy
        DAHLE, DAVID R                     United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        DAHLHEIM, PAUL-MICHAEL             Germany
        DAILEY, JAMES J                    United States
        DALTON, PIERRE L                   South Africa
        DALY, GER M                        Ireland
        DAMIANI, DENISE                    Italy/Brazil
        DANDRIDGE, WILLIAM W               United States
        D'ANGIOLINO, RAFFAELLA             Italy
        DANIELSEN, BJORN IVAR              Norway
        DARBY, MARGARET HARRISON           United States
        DARLAND, DANIEL W                  United States
        DARMAN, GHAZALI                    Malaysia
        DARNEAU, PHILIPPE H                France
        DAUGHERTY, PAUL R                  United States
        D'AVANZO, ROBERT LEWIS             United States
        DAVENPORT, THOMAS H                United States
        DAVID, MICHAEL R                   United States
        DAVIDSON, FRITHA A                 South Africa
        DAVIDSON, DAVID A                  United States
        DAVIES, COLIN K                    Canada
        DAVIN, CHRISTOPHER P               United States
        DAVIS, JON PHILIP                  United Kingdom
        DAVIS, JOHN E                      United States
        DAVIS, MARY CATHERINE              United States/British
        DAVIS, JR, JOSEPH E                United States
        DAWSON, KENNETH C                  United States
        DAY, DAVID W                       United States
        DE BLAUWE, ERIC                    France
        DE BOER, HANS                      The Netherlands
        DE MARTINI, ALESSANDRO             Italy
        DE SNOO, IAN ROSS                  United Kingdom
        DE WITH, PIETER W                  The Netherlands
        DEAN, PAUL J                       Australia
        DEBLAERE, JOHAN G                  Belgium
        DECATUR III, IRVING CHASE          United States
        DEDONATIS, RENATO                  Italy
        DEFFARGES, ETIENNE H               United States
        DEGENER, HEINRICH                  Germany
        DEITCHER, CHERYL L                 United States
        DE-JONG, ANTONY                    Australia
        DEJONGH, LAMAE ALLEN               United States
        DE-KEGEL, MARC O                   Belgium
        DEL SANTO, JOHN L                  United States
        DELAIDE, PHILIPPE                  France
        DELAPORTE, VINCENT                 France
        DELATTRE, ALLEN J                  United States
        DELEON, ANTHONY J                  United States
        DELESALLE, MARC P                  United States
        DELHAYE, CATHERINE                 France
        DELMONTE, VITTORIO                 Italy
        DELORME, PASCAL A                  France
        DEL-ROSARIO, JAIME G               Philippines
        DELVES, ROBERT HOWARD              United States
        DEMAREST, STEPHEN M                United States
        DEMARIA, REGIS                     France
        DEMAY, BRIAN C                     United States
        DEMPSEY, STEPHEN J                 British West Indies
        DENIAU, JEAN-MARC                  France
        DENNER, ROBERT W                   United States
        DENNIS, GREGORY C                  United States
        DENNIS, MICHAEL A                  United States
        DE-RIDDER, YVONNE B                The Netherlands
        DERRICK, R DOUGLAS                 United States
        DERSY, FABRICE                     France
        DERYCKERE, KOEN D                  Belgium
        DESCHAMPS, DAVID                   France
        DESCO AGULLO, JOSE MANUEL          Spain
        DETELICH, MARK A                   United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        DETTLING, DREW S                   United States
        DEUTSCHMAN, SCOTT B                United States
        DE-VILLIERS, FRIKKIE               South Africa
        DE-WATTEVILLE, JAMES               United Kingdom
        DEWOR, EVA                         Germany
        DE-WINTER, GERT M                  Belgium
        DEWITTE, JAN L                     Belgium
        DI PAOLO, GIORGIO                  Italy
        DICAPRIO, JAMES R                  United States
        DICKEY, JAMES M                    United States
        DICKEY, ALEXANDER P                United States
        DICKOFF, MICHAEL C                 United States
        DIEMER, OTTO                       Germany
        DIEPERINK, GUIDO H                 The Netherlands
        DIETRICH, DAVID R                  United States
        DIEZ, FRANCISCO JAVIER             Spain
        DIEZ BALLESTEROS, JOSE LUIS        Spain
        DIGIORGIO, CHRISTOPHER S           United States
        DIK, ROGER W                       United States
        DILLINGHAM, FRASER M               United Kingdom
        DILULLO, STANLEY                   United States
        DINEEN, KENNETH S                  United States
        DINKIN, DAVID LEWIS                United Kingdom
        DINSMORE, EARLE R                  United States
        DIOGUARDI, SARA J                  United States
        DISPENZIERE, GLENN J               United States
        DIXON, GRANT R                     Australia
        DIXON, KEVIN J                     Australia
        DOBLADO, LUCRETIA D                United States
        DOBSA, MAREK                       Czech Republic
        DODGE, WARREN J                    United States
        DOERR, DOUGLAS R                   United States
        DONALD, ALISTAIR A                 United Kingdom
        DONNELLAN, MICHAEL ANDREW          United Kingdom
        DONNELLY, CHRISTOPHER P            United States
        DONOHUE, ARLENE E                  United States
        DONOHUE, MICHAEL T                 United States
        DONOHUE, JAMES C                   United States
        DOOCEY, TONY                       United Kingdom
        DOOLEY, KEVIN J                    United States
        DOOLEY, ROGER MAYER                United States
        DORAN, NIALL PETER                 Ireland
        DOSI, GIUSEPPE                     Italy
        DOWNEY, CHRISTOPHER J              United States
        DOWNIE, JOHN MARTIN                Australia/United Kingdom
        DOYLE, JONATHAN                    Ireland/European Union
        DOYLE, MICHAEL B                   United States
        DRAKE, JOHN F                      United States
        DRAPER JR, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER     United States
        DRAYER, JAMES F                    United States
        DRIESSEN, MICHEL                   The Netherlands
        DRIGGS II, WOODRUFF W              United States
        DRISCOLL, MARLA J                  United States
        DRUCKER, REID S                    United States
        DRUZGALA, TIMOTHY D                United States
        DUARTE, VITOR CARLOS N             Portugal
        DUELKS, ROBERT N                   United States
        DUFFY, MICHAEL G                   Ireland
        DUFFY, STEPHEN ANTHONY             United Kingdom
        DUGAN, JOHN D                      United States
        DULL, STEPHEN F                    United States
        DUMAINE, JEROME C                  France
        DUNAWAY, MARK WAYNE                United States
        DUNBAR, TODD A                     United States
        DUNCAN, PETER T                    United States
        DUNCAN, GARY A                     United States
        DUNNE, THOMAS J                    United States
        DUPONT, ANNE TERESA                United States
        DURDAN, DAVID BOYD                 Canada
        DUROCHER, JOHN F                   United States
        DVOROCSIK, ANDREW JAMES            United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        DYER, ANN G                        United States
        DYER, BARRY C                      United States
        DYER, LLOYD H                      United States
        DZIAK, JACK                        United States
        EASTON, ROBERT J                   Australia
        EASTON, RICHARD C                  United States
        EATON, PHILIP ANTHONY              United States
        ECKLUND, TERRY R                   United States
        EDELBLUT, JOHN G                   United States
        EDMONDS, GILES A                   United Kingdom
        EDWARDS, W  MARK                   United Kingdom
        EDWARDS, MATTHEW J                 United Kingdom
        EDWARDS, NICHOLAS HUW              United Kingdom
        EDWARDS, STEVEN G                  United States
        EFFLER, PETER J                    United States
        EGAN, MICHAEL E                    United States
        EGAWA, ATSUSHI                     Japan
        EGERLAND, JENS C                   Germany
        EGLY, TRACI D                      United States
        EHRHART, JAMES M                   United States
        EICHMANN, DON A                    United States
        EISENFELDER, SCOT K                United States
        ELEOFF, MARK N                     Canada
        ELLINGSEN, JOHN ERIK               Norway/United Kingdom
        ELLIOTT, J DEAN                    United States
        ELLIS, JAMES M                     United States
        ELRON, DAN H                       United States
        EL-SAADANI, AMR                    Germany
        EMBREE, HARVEY RICHARD             United States
        EMERSON, RICHARD J                 Australia
        EMERY, RICHARD P                   Australia
        EMPSON, ALISON J                   United Kingdom
        ENGEL, JOHN F                      United States
        ENGELS, CHRISTIAN                  Germany
        ENGGIST, MARKUS                    Switzerland
        ENGLAND, SIMON JOHN                United Kingdom
        ENGLERT, BRADLEY G                 United States
        ENGLISH, RICHARD J                 United States
        ENGLISH, DAVID J                   United States
        ENGOIAN, MICHAEL H                 United States
        ENJOLRAS, MARC                     France
        ERICKSON, ROBERT                   United States
        ERICKSON, JOSEPH R                 United States
        ERNST, MARK D                      United States
        ESPARRAGO, PETER P                 United States
        ESPOSITO, ENNIO                    Italy
        ETHELSTON, MIKE                    United Kingdom
        ETHEREDGE, JAMES O                 United States
        ETMAN, LEONARDUS J G               The Netherlands
        ETTEL, WOLF HENNING                Germany
        EUWE, MARK J                       The Netherlands
        EVANS, NICK PETER                  United Kingdom
        EVERSON, PHILLIP G                 United Kingdom
        EVERSON, CRAIG R                   United States
        EYMERY, PASCAL                     France
        FABRE, GILLES                      France
        FAGALDE, LOUIS                     France
        FAIR, DEON B                       United States
        FALCAO, JAIME                      Portugal
        FALL, ROBIN D                      United States
        FALTZ, JEAN                        Luxembourg
        FAMULLA, RAINER M                  Germany
        FANGUY, JOHN S                     United States
        FARINAS, VICTOR MARCELINO          United States
        FARINI-QUARTARA, EMANUELE          Italy

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        FARMER, JAMES R                    United States
        FARRINGTON, GEORGE L               United States
        FAVRE, DONAVON J                   United States
        FECKO, W MICHAEL                   United States
        FEKRAT, NORMAN D                   United States
        FELDMANN, ALAN R                   United States
        FELLER, GUIDO                      Italy
        FEREZIN, LUIZ C                    Brazil
        FERGUSON, MARTIN                   United States
        FERGUSON JR, GLOVER T              United States
        FERNANDEZ, ANTONIO L               Peru
        FERNANDEZ, MARCOS A                United States
        FERNEYHOUGH, STEPHEN DAVID         United Kingdom
        FERRARI, DANIELE                   Italy
        FERRIANI, GUIDO                    Italy
        FERRO, VINCENZO                    Italy
        FEVANG, PAL K                      Norway
        FEYLES, FEDERICO                   Italy
        FIGUEIRIDO, DANIEL V               Argentina
        FIKSE, EDDY J                      United States
        FILEWYCH, CHARLES L                Canada
        FINDLAY, CHARLES BOYD              United Kingdom
        FINK, GARY S                       United States
        FINNEGAN, TIMOTHY M                United States
        FIORAMONTI, WALTER                 Italy
        FIORENZA, ALAN M                   United States
        FISCHER, REINER                    Germany
        FISCHER, THOMAS S                  United States
        FISHMAN, KENNETH A                 United States
        FITZGERALD, GARY J                 Australia
        FJORNES, ERIK                      Norway
        FLAKE, JENNIFER V                  United States
        FLECK, MARIO                       Brazil
        FLEDEL, EBERHARD M                 Germany
        FLEMING, MARK DOUGLAS              United States
        FLINT, ADRIAN RUBEN                Argentina
        FLOETHER, KARL-HEINZ               Germany
        FLOWERS, JAMES E                   United States
        FLYNN, STEPHEN M                   United States
        FOO, JUNG WEI                      Singapore
        FOONG, MICHAEL S                   Malaysia
        FORBES, CHARLES SCOTT              United States
        FORD, GILL                         United Kingdom
        FOREHAND, JOE W                    United States
        FORMANEK, KAY N                    Holland
        FORNASIERO, ARNALDO                Italy
        FORTES, MARCELO C                  Brazil
        FOSNACHT, FRED M                   United States
        FOSTER, MARK                       United Kingdom
        FOSTER, DREW W                     United States
        FOWLER, STEPHEN R D                United Kingdom
        FOX, MICHAEL C                     United States
        FOX, THOMAS K                      United States
        FRAMIL, LEONARDO J                 Brazil
        FRANCO, BIAGIO                     Italy
        FRANZ, PETER H                     South Africa
        FRATTO-ROWE, MARY                  United States
        FRAZIER, ALBERT H                  United States
        FRECH, TODD N                      United States
        FREDRIKSEN, PER INGVALD            Norway
        FREELAND, JOHN G                   United States
        FRERICHS, ROBERT N                 United States
        FRIEDMAN, MICHELE K                United States
        FRIEDMAN, JOEL P                   United States
        FRISCH, ROBERT STEVEN              United States
        FRISTAD, SIGURD                    Norway
        FROEHLICH, BRUCE P                 United States
        FRY, JAMES G                       United States
        FUJII, MIKIO                       Japan
        FUKUZAWA, KO                       Japan
        FULLONE, MARIA                     Italy
        FULTON, W COLIN                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        FUMI, PAOLO                        Italy
        FUNKEN-LUCE, ANITA                 Germany
        FURPHY, D WAYNE                    Zimbabwe
        FURUSAWA, HIRONOBU                 Japan
        GABLE, DIETER G                    United States
        GACH, ROBERT P                     United States
        GADOL, ELENA                       France
        GAILEY, MICHAEL L                  United States
        GAJREE, PUNITA                     United Kingdom
        GALAMBA-DE-OLIVEIRA, JOSE          Portugal
        GALBRAITH, ARCHIE                  United Kingdom
        GALBRAITH, JEFFERY A               United States
        GALGOCZI, ANDREA                   Australia/Hungary
        GALLAGHER, J TERENCE               Ireland
        GALLANT, KELLY P                   Canada
        GALLEY, JEAN-YVES                  France
        GALUE AMBLAR, ADOLFO J             Spain
        GANDINI, ALBERTO                   Italy
        GANDUS, RICCARDO                   Italy
        GANNON, THOMAS M                   United States
        GAN-NYAP-LIOU, LARRY               Malaysia
        GARCIA, JERRY MARTIN               Canada
        GARCIA, PEDRO JOSE                 Venezuela/Spain
        GARDINER, ALAN M                   Australia
        GARGAS, RANDALL EDWARD             United States
        GARRICK, ANDREW THORBURN           United Kingdom
        GARTSIDE, DAVID                    United Kingdom
        GASC, JEAN-FRANCOIS E              France
        GATEWOOD, JENNIFER A               United States
        GATIGNOL, LAURENT                  France
        GATTERMEYER, WOLFGANG              Austria
        GATTORNA, JOHN L                   Australia
        GAUDET, III, ALLEN J               United States
        GAUTHIER, ERIC M                   France
        GAVIGAN, MICHAEL A                 United States
        GAZANEGO JR, MARIO                 Brazil
        GAZAY, XAVIER A                    France
        GEAR, SUSIE                        British
        GEARHART, JAMES W                  United States
        GEE, TERRENCE M                    United States
        GEISE, AUGUST W                    United States
        GELLE, MARC                        France
        GEMIN, LOUANNE                     Canada
        GENESINI JR, SILVIO JOSE           Brazil
        GENUINI, BENOIT                    France
        GEORGE, PHILIP A                   United Kingdom
        GERA, PIERCARLO                    Italy
        GERLACH, JUERGEN                   Germany
        GERSHMAN, ANATOLE V                United States
        GETTO, JOSEPH D                    United States
        GEURDEN, WIM L                     Belgium
        GHERING, HAROLD A                  United States
        GIANNICO, PIERLUIGI                Italy
        GIBBS, ROBERT C                    British
        GIBSON, IAN S                      Australia
        GIELEN, ROELAND                    Belgium
        GIERLACH, DIRK                     Germany
        GILCHRIST, TIM                     United Kingdom
        GILCHRIST, STUART K                United States
        GILL, GUSTAVO                      Brazil
        GILLEROT, OLIVIER JEAN             Belgium
        GILLESPIE, JOHN H                  United Kingdom
        GILLET, DANIEL G                   Belgium
        GILLETT, ANDREW LEONARD            United Kingdom
        GILRAIN, MARK J                    United States
        GINSBURG, LYLE D                   United States
        GINTER, BRETT ALLEN                United States
        GIOMETTI, MARK C                   United States
        GIOVANNITTI, VINCENZO              Italy
        GIRARD, OLIVIER                    France
        GISSLER, D NEIL                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        GIST, ERIC P                       United States
        GITH, THOMAS                       Germany
        GJEMDAL, EIVIND                    Norway
        GLASMACHER, IRMGARD                Germany
        GLASS, BART H                      United States
        GLASSBERG, ANDREW MARK             United States
        GLEICHENHAUS, BARRY A              United States
        GO, QUNG W                         United States
        GODINHO, MANUEL M                  Portugal
        GOEBEL, MARK C                     United States
        GOERNER, MICHAEL                   Germany
        GOH, AIK MENG                      Malaysia
        GOH, LIN PIAO                      Malaysia
        GOIS, EDUARDO A                    Portugal
        GOLDEN, RICHARD J                  United States
        GOLDING, DAVID                     United Kingdom
        GOLDMAN, MAX S                     United States
        GOLDSON, DAVID S                   United States
        GOMES, JOSE                        Portugal
        GONCALVES, ROGER                   France
        GOODMAN, JOHN B                    United States
        GOODSON, MICHAEL D                 United States
        GOODWIN, C ERICKSON                United States
        GOODYEAR, MARK V                   United Kingdom
        GOPAL, SANJAY                      India
        GORDON, GRAEME D                   Canada
        GORDON, WILLIAM M                  United Kingdom
        GORDON, NOEL A                     United Kingdom
        GORINE, ALEXANDRE                  Russia
        GORLA, GIUSEPPE                    Italy
        GOSDA, PAMELA J                    United States
        GOSLING, PAUL                      British
        GOSSAGE, WALTER G                  United States
        GOSSAGE, JAMES F                   United States/France
        GOTO, HIROSHI                      Japan
        GOURBAT, HUGUES U                  France
        GOURGEY, WILLIAM E                 United States
        GOUTALLIER, VINCENT                France
        GOWDY, JOHNNY EDWARD               United Kingdom
        GOWLAND III, RUSSELL HERBERT       United States
        GRACY, MARY BETH                   United States
        GRAF, ROLF                         Switzerland
        GRAHAM, GEOFFREY S                 United States
        GRAHAM, DAVID CHARLES              United States
        GRAINGER, RAYMOND E                United States
        GRATTO, STEVEN E                   United States
        GRAZIOSI-FINE, GINA                United States
        GRAZZINI, ENRICO                   Italy
        GREEN, DOUGLAS ARTHUR              United States
        GREEN, WILLIAM D                   United States
        GREENBERG, CATHY L                 United States
        GREENBERG, MARK E                  United States
        GREENHALGH, PAUL V                 Australia
        GREER, CHRISTOPHER M               United States
        GREGOR, SHAWN T                    Canada
        GREINER, THOMAS R                  United States
        GRETEMAN, DANIEL G                 United States
        GRIMSLEY  JR, JAMES C              United States
        GRINDATTO, MARTINO                 Italy
        GRISON, ERIC                       France
        GROENEWOUD, ANJA H                 The Netherlands
        GROHS, SIEGFRIED                   Germany
        GRONLI, ROY                        Norway
        GROSSI, BRUNO                      France
        GRUBB, DAVID M                     United States
        GRUBY, BRADFORD S                  United States
        GRUZIN, TREVOR J                   South Africa
        GUHEEN, MICHAEL F                  United States
        GUILLEMYN, FRANK R                 Belgium

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        GUITTAT, PHILIPPE                  France
        GUNAPRIYA, BHRA EKA                Indonesia
        GUPTA, A J                         United States
        GUTHRIDGE, GREGORY S               United States
        GUTKOWSKI, STANLEY JOSEPH          United States
        GUTMAN, GENE A                     United States
        GUYAN, G VICTOR                    United States
        GYLDEN, JAMIE J                    United States
        HAARMANN, GUIDO                    Germany
        HABERMAN, JACK B                   United States
        HADEN, ANN KATHERINE               United States
        HAERTLING, GREG L                  United States
        HAGARTY, SEAN M                    United States
        HAGGART, RICHARD B                 United States
        HAGSTROM, JON E                    United States
        HAHN, SCOTT M                      United States
        HAJJAR, FRED G                     United States
        HAKANEN, JOUNI                     Finland
        HALABE, DAN JOEL                   United States
        HALABURT, GEOFFREY M               United States
        HALE, TIMOTHY A                    United States
        HALL, JAMES D E                    United Kingdom
        HALLIN, BRADLEY D                  United States
        HALVERSON, MARK A                  United States
        HAMILTON, SIMON JAMES WILFRID      United Kingdom
        HAMILTON, DONALD G                 United Kingdom
        HAN, BONG-HOON                     South Korea
        HANADA, NAOTO                      Japan
        HANCY, ANTHONY C                   Australia
        HANDLEY, JOHN E                    United States
        HANKER, JENS                       Germany
        HANLEY, KEVIN MATTHEW              United Kingdom
        HANLEY, THOMAS A                   United States
        HANNA, BLAKE                       Canada
        HANNA, ARTHUR                      United Kingdom
        HANNA, MARC A                      United States
        HANNOVER, PER                      Denmark
        HANSEN, JESPER HOUGAARD            Denmark
        HANSEN, HENRIK E                   Norway
        HANSEN, NATHAN T                   United States
        HANSON, DANA                       United States
        HANSON, TIMOTHY A                  United States
        HANSSON, MIKAEL                    Sweden
        HARBACH, F EDWIN                   United States
        HARGREAVES, SIMON J                United Kingdom
        HARIDY, GASSER                     Greece
        HARKLESS, CHARLES WALLER           United States
        HARRELL, AUDREY R                  United States
        HARRINGTON, JON                    United States
        HARRIS, ALAN T                     United Kingdom
        HARRIS, JAMES G                    United States
        HARRIS, CHARLES L                  United States
        HARRISON, SCOTT F                  United States
        HARRISON, STEVEN B                 United States
        HARRISON, MICHAEL JOSEPH           United States
        HARTEMAYER, GREGG G                United States
        HARTIGAN, JEFFREY S                United States
        HARTLEY, M S                       United States
        HARTLEY, CATHERINE A               United States
        HARTMAN, THOMAS J                  United States
        HARTMANN, TERESA G                 Australia
        HARTSHORN, LANCE P                 United States
        HARTVICH, ANDREW G                 Canada
        HARTWIG, THOMAS D                  Denmark
        HASSEL, CAROLYN F                  United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        HASWELL, JOHN                      United States
        HATANO, TORU                       Japan
        HATHORNE, SCOTT A                  United States
        HATTON, TREVOR M                   British West Indies
        HATZIDIMOULAS, LISSIMAHOS          Greece
        HAUPT, STEPHAN                     Germany
        HAUSER, MARC                       France
        HAVILAND, KEITH FRANK              United Kingdom
        HAWKINS, JOHN STEWART              United Kingdom
        HAWN, MARK K                       United States
        HAY, JOHN ANDREW                   Australia
        HAY, GARY HOWARD                   Canada
        HAY, ANDREW M                      United Kingdom
        HAYES, JAMES G                     United States
        HAYES, JAMES E                     United States
        HAYWOOD, GARY JOHN                 United Kingdom
        HEALEY, ALAN J                     United Kingdom
        HEALY, DONAGH                      Ireland
        HEALY, MICHAEL A                   United States
        HEALY, THOMAS J                    United States
        HEATH, H DARRYL                    United States
        HECK, BERNHARD A                   Germany
        HECKENBERGER, ULRICH               Germany
        HEDDENS, JAMES F                   United States
        HEEMSKERK, PETER O                 The Netherlands
        HEFFERNAN, GARY                    United Kingdom
        HEGNER, NORBERT                    Germany
        HEINEMANN, JORG G                  United States
        HEISER, CRAIG H                    United States
        HEISER, DAVID T                    United States
        HEITZ, KEVIN G                     United States
        HEMSTRITCH, JANE S                 Australia
        HENDERSON, IAIN                    United Kingdom
        HENDERSON, JOHN WAYNE              United States
        HENDRICKSON, JAMES C               United States
        HENRY, GRAHAM T                    Australia
        HENRY, MICHAEL                     United States
        HENSLEY, KIMBERLY D                United States
        HERBST, THOMAS                     Germany
        HERMAN, GREGORY R                  United States
        HERMANN, STEVEN W                  United States
        HERNANDEZ, JAMES O                 United Kingdom
        HERNANDEZ, JULIO J                 United States
        HERSCH, DALE R                     United States
        HERTZ, ELLEN J                     United States
        HESELMANN, DIRK                    Germany
        HESS, THOMAS H                     United States
        HETHERINGTON, ROBERT W             British
        HEUBEL, KENNETH C                  United States
        HEUKENSFELDT-JANSEN, IVO           The Netherlands
        HEYNS, HERMAN R                    South Africa
        HICKEY, ANDREW T                   United Kingdom
        HICKLING, HARRY C                  Australia
        HIELSCHER, CINDY L                 United States
        HIGBIE, BILL                       United States
        HIGGINS, MICHAEL K                 United States
        HIGHBARGER, JOHN E                 United States
        HILBERT, WILLIAM GUY               United States
        HILDEBRANDT, THOMAS A              United States
        HILL, RICHARD W                    United States
        HILL, DAVID L                      United States
        HILLEN, MARC J                     The Netherlands
        HINTLIAN JR, JAMES TERRY           United States
        HIOKI, KATSUSHI                    Japan
        HITT, BRADLEY J                    United States
        HODAK, GREG J                      United States
        HODGE, MARK A                      United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        HODGETT, MARTIN H                  United States
        HODGSON, DAVID M                   United Kingdom
        HODO, CHIKATOMO                    Japan
        HOE, KAH SOON                      Malaysia
        HOERRMANN, GEROLD                  Germany
        HOFBAUER, THOMAS H                 Germany
        HOFFMAN, JANET L                   United States
        HOFFMAN, DAVID E                   United States
        HOFMEISTER, DOUGLAS F              United States
        HOGAN, JOHN G                      Ireland
        HOGAN, KEVIN P                     United States
        HOGAN, PATRICK J                   United States
        HOHNEN, ROBERT A                   Australia
        HOLLAND, STEPHEN L                 United States
        HOLLANDER, DAVID P                 United States
        HOLLIS, JOHN CHARLES               United Kingdom
        HOLMAN, ANTHONY N                  Australia
        HOLMES, PETER                      United Kingdom
        HOLMES, BRADFORD RICKMAN           United States
        HOLMES-WOODHEAD, SARA              United Kingdom
        HOLT, EDWIN DAVID                  United States
        HOLTGREWE, KENT L                  United States
        HOLTMANN, THOMAS                   Germany
        HOLTSCHKE, BERNHARD                Germany
        HONG, MONTGOMERY ANDREW            United States
        HONOHAN, JAMES P                   United States
        HONTS, ROB W                       United States
        HOOPER, STEVE J                    United Kingdom
        HOPKINS, RAY                       Peru
        HORGAN, MAUREEN S                  United States
        HORIGUCHI, NOBUHISA                Japan
        HORTON, BRUCE JOHN                 British
        HOSKING, ANDREW J                  Australia
        HOSKING, DAVID J                   New Zealand
        HOSS, HANS                         Germany
        HOURIGAN, TIMOTHY J                United States
        HOUSEN, PATRICK R                  United States
        HOWARD, MALCOLM                    United Kingdom
        HOWELL, NICHOLAS F                 United States
        HOYNDORF, KAREN                    Germany
        HRUSOVSKY II, JOHN J               United States
        HUBBELL, JOHN R                    United States
        HUBER, FRIEDRICH                   Austria
        HUFF, F COURTENAY                  United States
        HUFF, FREDERICK P                  United States
        HUFFMAN, LON J                     United States
        HUGHES, MARK ANDREW                United Kingdom
        HUGHES, BARTON L                   United States
        HUGHES, JOHN BAILEY                United States
        HUGHES, MICHAEL E                  United States
        HUGHES, ANDRE P                    United States
        HUGHES, WILLIAM J                  United States
        HUMBERT, YVES V                    France
        HUMBERT, JOHN L                    United States
        HUNDLEY, STEPHEN T                 United States
        HUNLEY, TERRY E                    United States
        HUNTER, DAVID R                    Australia
        HUNTER, ANDREW                     United Kingdom
        HURLEY, SHELLEY L                  United States
        HURST, STEVEN                      United Kingdom
        HUTCHESON, JEFFREY D               United States
        HUTCHINS, DWIGHT N                 United States
        HWANG, HANS                        United States
        IBRAHIM, RIZWAN                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        IDE, GARY S                        United States
        IGARASHI, SHINJI                   Japan
        IIDOI, MOTOKI                      Japan
        IKEGAMI, KOICHI                    Japan
        ILETT, DAVID PETER                 United Kingdom
        INAGAKI, MASAHISA                  Japan
        INGOLD, ROGER                      Brazil
        INGRAM, WAYNE T                    Canada
        ISAJI, MITSUO                      Japan
        ISHIKAWA, TAKASHI                  Japan
        ISO, YUTAKA                        Japan
        ITALIANO, ANGELO                   Italy
        ITO, HIROSHI                       Japan
        IYER, KUMAR K                      India
        JACKOWSKI, MICHAEL A               United States
        JACKSON, JAIME                     Mexico
        JACKSON, MARK D                    United States
        JACKSON, JAMES M                   United States
        JACKSON, ANDREW                    United States
        JACOB, ERIK                        France
        JACOBSEN, HAKON                    Norway
        JAHN, HENDRIK CH                   Germany
        JAIN, SANJAY                       India
        JAMES, STEPHAN A                   United States
        JAMIESON, WILLIAM                  United Kingdom
        JANMOHAMED, SALEEM                 Canada
        JANNELLI, GIUSEPPE                 Italy
        JAVENS, GLENN M                    United States
        JECMEN, SCOTT JOSEPH               United States
        JELF, OWEN                         United Kingdom
        JELTSCH, MICHAEL                   Germany
        JENK, JUSTIN                       Denmark
        JENKINS, SIMON C                   United Kingdom
        JENKO, GREGORY J                   United States
        JENNINGS, BARRY D                  United States
        JENSEN, EDWARD W                   United States
        JETTER, WOLFGANG                   Germany
        JEWITT, RAYMOND HINLEY             United Kingdom
        JOERN, MARK W                      United States
        JOHNSON, ADAM                      United Kingdom
        JOHNSON, OMOBOLA OLUBUSOLA         Nigeria
        JOHNSON, GREGORY                   United Kingdom
        JOHNSON, ROBERT J                  United Kingdom
        JOHNSON, JAMES C                   United States
        JOHNSON, SHAYNE                    United States
        JOHNSON, KEITH F                   United States
        JOHNSON, SUE C                     United States
        JOHNSON, ROBERT L                  United States
        JOHNSON, JAMES W                   United States
        JOHNSON, BRIAN A                   United States
        JOHNSON III, EARLY BLAIR           United States
        JOHNSON JR, ELBERT S               United States
        JOHNSTON, LINDSAY KATHARINE        United Kingdom
        JOHNSTON, VALERIE L                United States
        JOHNSTON, RICK D                   United States
        JOKINEN, JORMA                     Finland
        JONES, TIM J                       United Kingdom
        JONES, PHILIP EDWARD               United Kingdom
        JONES, KEVIN R                     United States
        JONES, KENNETH A                   United States
        JONES, STEPHEN MICHAEL             United States
        JORDAN, PETER EDWIN                Australia
        JORDAN, LINDA M                    United States
        JOYCE, RICHARD MICHAEL             United States
        JUE, DARRYL W                      United States
        JULIAN, KEVIN K                    United States
        JUNG, ROBERT                       Germany

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        JUNKERMANN, JENS B                 Germany
        JUPP, VIVIENNE                     Ireland
        JURY, TIMOTHY G                    United States
        JUUL, SAM                          Germany
        KADDOURA, MAHER HIKMAT             Jordan
        KAEHNE, JONATHAN D                 Australia
        KAERNER, HENNING                   Germany
        KALM, WILLIAM D                    United States
        KALMBACH, CHARLES                  United States
        KALMS, BRIAN GEOFFREY              United Kingdom
        KALTENMARK, JOHN KENNETH           United States
        KAMPE, STEFAN A                    United States
        KANE, TOM C                        United States
        KANNAN, RAGHU                      United States
        KAPLAN, SAUL                       United States
        KAPLER III, A WILLIAM              United States
        KAPLOW, BRIAN ANDREW               United States
        KAPUR, ATUL K                      India
        KAPUR, SHARAD K                    India
        KARASAWA, IKUO                     Japan
        KARLSSON, INGEMAR                  Sweden
        KARREMANS, PETER CA                The Netherlands
        KARREN, JOHN DANIEL                Australia
        KASAMIS, DOUGLAS L                 United States
        KASPER, MARTIN                     Germany
        KATF, RAMEZ J                      Australia
        KATSUYA, NOBUAKI                   Japan
        KAUDERER, STEVEN I                 United States
        KAUFMAN, SERGIO G                  Argentina
        KAVALS, VICTOR P                   Australia
        KAYE, MICHAEL JOHN LEONARD         Australia
        KAZAOKA, MASAHITO                  Japan
        KEANE, PAUL L                      United States
        KEE, JOON-NEUNG                    Korea
        KEITH, DREW B                      United States
        KELLER, KENTON C                   United States
        KELLIHER, MARTY R                  Canada
        KELLY, STEPHEN P                   Australia
        KELLY, WILLIAM F                   United States
        KELLY, CATHARINE J                 United States
        KENDRICK, STEPHEN A                United States
        KENT, NICHOLAS R                   British West Indies
        KERGER, RODNEY J                   Australia
        KERN, MICHAEL D                    United States
        KERR, SEAN M                       United States
        KERRES, MARTIN                     Austria
        KERSCH, APOLONIA                   Australia
        KETELAAR, ROLF                     The Netherlands
        KETT, INGO                         Germany
        KETTNER, NORBERT                   Germany
        KEYES, J PATRICK                   United States
        KHANNA, SUDHINDAR K                India
        KICK, MITCHELL E                   United States
        KIEFER, CARL S                     United States
        KIEHM, PETER                       Germany
        KILLIPS, C SCOTT                   United States
        KIM, CHUL                          Korea
        KIM, HEE JIP                       Korea
        KINDER, CHRISTOPHER W              United Kingdom
        KINDLEMAN, CRAIG R                 Canada
        KING, LINDSEY                      United Kingdom
        KING, JOAN C                       United States
        KINLEY, GUY H                      United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        KINNEY, JOHN P                     Ireland
        KIRBY, HUGH                        United Kingdom
        KIRCHHOF, INA                      Germany
        KIRK, PETER                        United Kingdom
        KIRN, PETER F                      United States
        KISH, JOHN S                       United States
        KISSELS, PETER-PAUL M J            The Netherlands
        KIYOHARA, KOICHI                   United States
        KJELLEVOLD, GEIR T                 Norway
        KLEE, ELIZABETH C                  United States
        KLEIN, MICHAEL                     Germany
        KLEIN WASSINK, BERNHARD J          The Netherlands
        KLOESS, SUSANNE                    Germany
        KLOUSTIN, ROBERT S                 United States
        KNIPP, STEFAN                      Germany
        KNOTT, MICHAEL                     Canada
        KOBAYASHI, YUHEI                   Japan
        KOBAYASHI, MICHAEL K               United States
        KOCH, BENEDIKT J                   Germany
        KOCHMAN, MARTIN                    United Kingdom
        KODAIRA, HIROAKI                   Japan
        KOEHL, DAVID J                     United States
        KOELLER, KIM M                     United States
        KOHLER, THOMAS                     Germany
        KOIVUNEN, PASI                     Finland
        KOIZUMI, YUTAKA                    Japan
        KOKADO, EIICHI                     Japan
        KOMURO, SHIGEHARU                  Japan
        KONKOLA, JUSSI                     Finland
        KOPPEL, STEVEN P                   United States
        KORRY, JOHN D                      United States
        KORSSTROM, FRANK EU                Finland
        KOSTIAL, MARGARET A                United States
        KOYAMA, FUMIO                      Japan
        KRACHT, CARSTEN                    Germany
        KRAFT, BERNHARD F                  Germany
        KRAGLUND, JAKOB HOLMEN             Denmark
        KRAHN, RICHARD R                   United States
        KRALL, ALBERT M                    United States
        KRATTEBOL, TOR                     Norway
        KRAUSE, JEFFREY A                  United States
        KRAUSE, MICHELLE L                 United States
        KREICHGAUER, OLAF                  Germany
        KREUZER, ROBERT                    Germany
        KROC, JAROSLAW                     Poland
        KRUEGER, DANIEL P                  United States
        KU, XIAN HONG                      Malaysia
        KUBOKAWA, KAZUSHI                  Japan
        KUHN, RALF                         Germany
        KULT, GABRIELE                     Germany
        KUMAR, AJIT                        India
        KUMRA, NALIN                       United Kingdom
        KUNZWEILER, JOHN T                 United States
        KUPRES, STEVEN M                   United States
        KURI, EUGENIO                      Mexico
        KURVINEN, MATTI                    Finland
        KUSHNIR, KENNETH J                 Canada
        KVAM, KRISTIAN                     Norway
        LAACKMAN, DONALD J                 United States
        LABEN, NANCY J                     United States
        LACEY, KENNETH LEE                 United States
        LACHAPELLE, DANA E                 United States
        LAFFARGUE, ERIC                    France
        LAIRD, ROD KEYES                   Australia
        LAITY, ROBERT K                    United States
        LAJTHA, ADRIAN J                   United Kingdom
        LALEIKE, MARK P                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        LAMMING, THOMAS C                  United States
        LAMONT, JULIE E                    United Kingdom
        LAMONT, STEVEN M                   United States
        LANCEREAU, ALAIN                   France
        LANDIS, TED CLARK                  United States
        LANGE, JONATHAN L                  United States
        LANGLINAIS, TONI C                 United States
        LANGST, GERHARD                    Germany
        LAPISSE, JEAN-MICHEL               France
        LAPORTE, BRENDA F                  Australia
        LAREZ, TOMAS                       Venezuela
        LARSEN, KRISTIAN                   Norway
        LARSON, PAUL M                     United States
        LATH, RUSSELL K                    Australia
        LATHROPE, STEPHEN M MICHAEL        United Kingdom
        LAU, ALEX WAI-LEUNG                Hong Kong
        LAUB, RICHARD                      France
        LAUDANO, KEVIN M                   United States
        LAUDERBACK, DANIEL D               United States
        LAUGHNER, J SCOTT                  United States
        LAURENS, ROBERT L                  United States
        LAURIE, WILLIAM JOHN               Australia
        LAUWERENS, ED                      The Netherlands
        LAVELLE, KATHERINE D               United States
        LAVELLE, MICHAEL T                 United States
        LAWHORN, KENNETH P                 United States
        LAWRENCE, RICHARD                  United States
        LAX, ROBERT T                      United States
        LAZZARI, ROBERTO                   Italy
        LE SAUX, NICHOLAS                  France
        LEBEAULT, VINCENT                  France
        LECCISO, ROBERTO                   Italy
        LEE, STEVEN B                      Australia
        LEE, WON-JOON                      Korea
        LEE, SUK-GEUN                      Korea
        LEE, SZE-WING                      United States
        LEE, JOHN A                        United States
        LEEMPUTTE, PATRICK J               United States
        LEESTMA, MARTIN J                  United States
        LEFFIN, JOHN W                     United States
        LEHANE, DYMPHNA                    Ireland
        LEHMAN, ROGER W                    United States
        LEININGER, ERIC G                  United States
        LEISURE, LAWRENCE B                United States
        LEITCH, SANDRA L                   Canada
        LEJEUNE, XAVIER                    France
        LELINSKI, MARK                     United States
        LE-MASSON, BERNARD                 France
        LE-MOAL, BRUNO                     France
        LENEHAN, LORI A                    United States
        LENIHAN, WILLIAM F                 United States
        LENIO, MIRIAM D                    United States
        LEOCADIO, ANTONIO C                Portugal
        LEONI, PINO                        Italy
        LEPERE, BERNARD                    France
        LEROUX, JOEL                       France
        LESHER, RICHARD E                  United States
        LEUNG, PATRICK W                   China
        LEVENSON, DAWNA S                  United States
        LEVINE, SETH M                     United States
        LEVY, LANCE HAROLD                 South Africa
        LEVY, JACK R                       United States
        L'HEUREUX JR, ODELL E              United States
        LI, ANGEL                          Taiwan
        LI, GONG                           United States
        LIBERATO, MICHELE                  Italy
        LIBONATI, ROBERTO                  Italy
        LICHLYTER, PAUL A                  United States
        LIEBHART, JAMES R                  United States
        LIEDER, HARALD                     Germany
        LIEFTINCK, ADRIAAN H               The Netherlands

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        LILLIE, MARK T                     United Kingdom
        LIM, ANGELICA                      Malaysia
        LIM, BENG CHOON                    Malaysia
        LIM, JOO BOON                      Singapore
        LIN, ALEX                          US & Taiwan/R.O.C.
        LINDEN, CHERLYN C                  United States
        LINDSEY, ROBERT K                  United States
        LINKA, ROBERT M                    United States
        LINN, NORBERT                      Germany
        LIPASTI, ILKKA                     Finland
        LIPCHIN, LEONID                    United States
        LITTLE, BEN T                      United Kingdom
        LOANE, RICHARD KIM                 Australia
        LOBBATO, JOSEPH F                  United States
        LOCHMANN, HANS-DIETER              Germany
        LOFTUS, AMY T                      United States
        LOFTUS, PAUL D                     United States
        LOFTUS, KEVIN P                    United States
        LOHSS, KAREN A                     United States
        LOMAS, IAN                         United Kingdom
        LOMBARDO, ANTHONY G                United States
        LONBOIS, ERIC F                    Belgium
        LONDON, DANIEL T                   United States
        LONGHINI, STEFANO                  Spain
        LOOMIS, ROY S                      United States
        LOOSE, BRAD                        United States
        LOOSER, ULRICH                     Switzerland
        LOPATA, IAIN D                     United Kingdom
        LOPES-DA-COSTA, MANUEL             Portugal
        LOPEZ, PHILIP A                    United States
        LORACK, STEPHEN M                  United States
        LORGE, TREVOR L                    South Africa
        LOUIS, STEVEN W                    United States
        LOVELACE, LORI L                   United States
        LOVETT, GEORGE L                   United States
        LUBOWICZ, STEVEN E                 United States
        LUCARINI, MICHAEL A                United States
        LUCCHESI, ANDREA                   Italy
        LUCCHINI, ANNA CHIARA              Italy
        LUEHRMANN, HARALD                  Germany
        LUI, BETTY G                       Philippines
        LUKER, JEFFREY P                   United States
        LUKS, HOWARD C                     United States
        LUMB, RICHARD ANDREW               United Kingdom
        LUMSDEN, PIERRE                    United Kingdom
        LUTHER, LANCE A                    United States
        LUUKKONEN, SAMI JUHANI             Finland
        LUYTEN, DIRK                       Belgium
        LYON, NICHOLAS B                   United States
        LYONS, MARK JOHN                   United Kingdom
        MAAS, ARNOUD                       The Netherlands
        MABE, JULIAN A                     United States
        MACARTHUR, DEBORAH                 United States
        MACCHI, MAURO                      Italy
        MACDONALD, ROSS N                  United Kingdom
        MACDONALD, DOUGLAS L               United States
        MACEDO, BERNARDO COSTA             Portugal
        MACK, EDWARD G                     United States
        MACPHERSON, ANDREW J               Australia
        MAEDA, KENZO                       Japan
        MAGGIOROTTI, MICHELE               Italy
        MAGIMAY, ALWIN KUMAR               Malaysia
        MAGNUSSEN, TORE                    Norway
        MAGO, JOSEF                        Germany
        MAH, YONG SUN                      Malaysia
        MAHER, KEVIN L                     United States
        MAKANJEE, RAJU                     South Africa
        MAKELA, JUKKA                      Finland
        MALECKI, DENISE D                  United States
        MALIK, ASIF F                      United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        MALLE, KLAUS                       Austria
        MALM, CARL CHRISTIAN               Norway
        MALMBERG, JUHO ERUUI MAGNUS        Finland
        MAMMOSER, CHRISTOPHER P            United States
        MANG, FRANK THOMAS                 Germany
        MANGIONI, FERRUCCIO                Italy
        MANHES, PASCAL                     France
        MANI, SILVIO M                     Italy
        MANKOFF, STEVEN                    United States
        MANN, DAVID                        Australia
        MANN, THOMAS O                     United States
        MANTOAN, JOSEPH A                  United States
        MARABITO, JOSEPH V                 United States
        MARCHETTI, CHRISTIAN               France
        MARCHIARO, MAURO                   Italy
        MARCOPOLI, GIANLUCA A              Italy
        MARDJAN, NITTI L                   The Netherlands
        MARESCA, PAOLO                     Italy
        MARIANI, GIOVANNI                  Italy
        MARIAUD, FABRICE                   France
        MARIE, OLIVIER JEAN                United States
        MARIN, ALESSANDRO                  Italy
        MARIN, ERIC E                      United States
        MARINO, ANTONINO                   Italy
        MARK, TONI L                       United States
        MARPE, JAMES S                     United States
        MARQUES, VITOR                     Portugal
        MARRONE, MICHELE                   Italy
        MARTIN, ROB                        United States
        MARTIN, E RUSSELL                  United States
        MARTIN, ROBERT T                   United States
        MARTINELLI, PIETRO                 Italy
        MARTINEZ-SINDIONG, MAXIMINA        Philippines
        MARTINSON, MARTY E                 United States
        MARUYAMA, MAKOTO                   Japan
        MARZETTI, PAOLO                    Italy
        MASCOLO, LISA M                    United States
        MASELLA, TONY                      Canada
        MASSAT, PATRICE                    France
        MASSIE, SUZETTE L                  United States
        MASUNO, YUICHIRO                   Japan
        MATACONIS, THOMAS R                United States
        MATCHETTE, JOHN B                  United States
        MATELLA, MICHAEL A                 United States
        MATHER, GUY                        United Kingdom
        MATHUR, NISHITH                    India
        MATSUDA, KENJI                     Japan
        MATSUOKA, KEIJI                    Japan
        MATTOS, MARCIO CARVALHO DE         Brazil
        MAY, BRIAN R                       United States
        MAY, MICHAEL J                     United States
        MAYBERRY, TRENT A                  United States
        MAYNE, JON                         United Kingdom
        MAYTEEDOL, LEENA                   Thailand
        MAZZATTA, MARK                     United States
        MC MAHON, LYNN H                   United States
        MCCARTHY, ROBERT P                 United States
        MCCLENEGHEN, JAMES P               United States
        MCCREADIE, STEPHEN JAY             United States
        MCCULLA, JOHN K                    United States
        MCCULLOCH, ROBERT J                United States
        MCCURLEY, DAVID M                  United States
        MCDADE, JIM                        Canada
        MCDONALD, MARK P                   United States
        MCDOWELL, MARK A                   United States
        MCERLANE, WILLIAM A                Ireland
        MCFARLAND, DAVID GORDON            United Kingdom
        MCGILL, DON                        British West Indies
        MCGINN, MICHAEL A                  United Kingdom
        MCGOWAN, PAUL E                    Ireland
        MCGOWAN, JEFF R                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        MCGRATH, CHRISTOPHER J             United States
        MCGRATH, CHARLES ALEXANDER         United States
        MCGRATH, MICHAEL G                 United States
        MCGREGOR, NEIL M                   Australia
        MCHUGH, JOHN T                     United States
        MCINTYRE JR, WILLIAM H             United States
        MCKAY, SCOTT R                     United States
        MCLAUGHLIN, MEG T                  United States
        MCMEEKIN, DERMOT JAMES             United Kingdom
        MCMINN, STEPHEN L                  United States
        MCNAMARA, MALCOLM A                United States
        MCNEILL, LACHLAN P                 Australia
        MCNULTY, MARK G                    United States
        MCPHERSON, ROBERT B                United States
        MCQUOID, JONATHAN PATRICK          United Kingdom
        MEARSE, WILLIAM E                  United States
        MEDFORTH, TIMOTHY                  United Kingdom
        MEEKINS, EDWARD R                  United States
        MEEUWSEN, CURT W                   United States
        MEHALLICK, JEFFREY G               United States
        MEHTA, MANISH J                    United States
        MEJDAHL-HANSEN, STEN               Denmark
        MELNBARDIS, DENNIS IVARS           Canada
        MELNICOFF, RICHARD M               United States
        MELULIS, ERIC J                    United States
        MENDONCA, LOURENCO                 Brazil
        MENDOZA, ANDREW                    United Kingdom
        MENNER, S KURT                     United States
        MENNESSON, THIERRY                 France
        MENTUCCIA, LUCA                    Italy
        MERCIER-JAMES, LAURENT             France
        MERLO, JAIR F A                    Brazil
        MERRIHUE, JEFFREY                  United States
        MESOY, TOR                         Norway
        METCALFE, TONY                     United Kingdom
        METHODIOS, YANNIS                  United States
        MEYER, THOMAS D                    Switzerland
        MEYER, CAROL E                     United States
        MIDDLETON, ANDREW J                United Kingdom
        MIFFLIN, KENNETH E                 United States
        MIHALIAK, CHARLES E                United States
        MIKURAK, MICHAEL G                 United States
        MILANTA, MASSIMO                   Italy
        MILLER, NATASHA ELIZABETH JANE     United Kingdom
        MILLER, JAMES N                    United States
        MILLER, RICHARD E                  United States
        MILLER, MYKE L                     United States
        MILLER, GEORGE A                   United States
        MILLER, KURT H                     United States
        MILLER, JEFFREY                    United States
        MILLER, BRIAN M                    United States
        MILLER, WILLIAM J                  United States
        MILLER JR, SAMUEL W                United States
        MILLIGAN, ANDREW                   United Kingdom
        MILLS, STEPHEN ANTHONY             United Kingdom
        MILNER-BROWN, IAN DAVID            United Kingdom
        MINER, KELLY B                     United States
        MIRET, RAIMON                      Spain
        MIRO, AGUSTI X                     United States
        MISKUF, LUBOS                      Czech Republic
        MITANI, KOJI                       Japan
        MITCHELL, CLARENCE                 United States
        MITCHELL, JAMES E                  United States
        MITCHELL, JAMES D                  United States
        MITCHELL, KENNETH                  United States
        MITSUI, SEIICHI                    Japan

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        MIYASHITA, KUNIYUKI                Japan
        MODRUSON, FRANK B                  United States
        MOE, STEIN ERIK                    Norway
        MOELLER, ROBERT C                  United States
        MOHNHAUPT, MICHAEL                 Germany
        MOHR, JAMES C                      United States
        MOISE, GIORGIO                     Italy
        MOKUVOS, EDGAR                     United States
        MOLDAUER, THOMAS WELD              United States
        MOLINARI, CRISTINA                 Italy
        MOLINEUX JR, FREDERICK             United States
        MOLL, RUBENS                       Brazil
        MOLLENKAMP, STEVE                  United States
        MONACO, DONALD P                   United States
        MONACO, MASSIMILIANO               Italy
        MONESI, PAOLO                      Italy
        MONNERAT, BEAT R                   Switzerland
        MONTALBANO, ALFREDO                Italy
        MOODY, PERRY S                     United States
        MOOMAU, STEVEN K                   United States
        MOONEY, NOEL C                     Ireland
        MOORE, LEE TONY                    United Kingdom
        MOORE, PETER JOHN                  United Kingdom
        MOORE, TERRY L                     United States
        MOORE, R ALAN                      United States
        MOORS, JAMIE R                     Australia
        MORAN, BRIAN J                     United States
        MORANDI, ROBERTA                   Italy
        MORCHIO, MARCO                     Italy
        MOREBY, KURT E                     United Kingdom
        MORELLE, QUENTIN                   Belgium
        MORGAN, GUY V                      United Kingdom
        MORGANTI, GIANLUIGI                Italy
        MORI, MASAKATSU                    Japan
        MORISON, MICHAEL M                 United States
        MORRIS, WILLIAM F                  Canada
        MORRIS, WILLIAM H                  United Kingdom
        MORRIS, GAEL COMRIE                United Kingdom
        MORRIS, DANIEL J                   United States
        MORRIS, JOHN C                     United States
        MORRIS, LEONARD A                  United States
        MOSETICK, MATTHEW                  United States
        MOSKOVITZ, DAVID I                 United States
        MOTOI, CHIE                        Japan
        MOTTERSHEAD, KARYN J               Australia
        MOUCHOUS, ERIC R                   France
        MOUFLE, JEAN-FRANCOIS F            France
        MOUILLE, CHRISTOPHE                France
        MOULIN, JEAN PAUL                  France
        MOWAT, DAVID JOHN                  United Kingdom
        MUCK, RANDALL F                    United States
        MUELLER, JOSEF C                   United States
        MUELLER, MONTY F                   United States
        MUELLER, KEITH H                   United States
        MUIR, DAVID G                      United States
        MULANI, NARENDRA P                 United States
        MULLAHY, DENNIS A                  United States
        MULLANEY, J PATRICK                United States
        MULLER, DONOVAN HERBERT            South Africa
        MULLER, LAURA D                    United States
        MULLIN, DANIEL S                   United States
        MULVAD, HENRIK R                   Denmark
        MUNCHEBERG, HANS-JOACHIM           Germany
        MUNIZ, CESAR                       Mexico
        MUNK, RONALD                       Brazil
        MURAOKA, NOBUHIKO                  Japan
        MURASHIMA, KATSUYA                 Japan
        MURAYAMA, TOHRU                    Japan
        MURFET, TIM                        British West Indies
        MURNEN, STEPHEN R                  United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        MURRAY, ALISTAIR                   United Kingdom
        MUSKAT, DAVID S                    United States
        MUSMECI, FABRIZIO                  Italy
        MUSSO, SILVIO                      Italy
        MYERS, SCOTT D                     United States
        NADJAR, JOEL                       France
        NAEF, RALF                         Switzerland
        NAESS, JUST ERIK                   Norway
        NAGAYAMA, TATSUYA                  Japan
        NAIR, RAMESH B                     Malaysia
        NAISH, ANDY                        United Kingdom
        NAKAMURA, YUJI                     Japan
        NAKASHIMA, YASUO                   Japan
        NANTERME, PIERRE                   France
        NAOURI, GERARD                     France
        NAPIER, IAN S                      Australia
        NARCOMEY, KEVIN O                  United States
        NARGOLWALLA, TANYA                 Canada
        NASET, MICHAEL R                   United States
        NASH, RUSS                         United States
        NASHAWATY, KEITH C                 United States
        NASS, DAVID T                      United States
        NATALE, ETTORE                     Italy
        NATALI, FABRIZIO                   Italy
        NAUGLE, CHRISTINA L                United States
        NEEDLEMAN, MICHAEL PAUL            United Kingdom
        NEIDLEIN, AXEL                     Germany
        NEIGER, THOMAS H                   United States
        NEITZEL, WERNER                    Germany
        NEMETH, TAMAS                      Hungary
        NEVINS, JOHN B                     United States
        NEWALL, MARK R                     United Kingdom
        NEWMAN, ROBERT K                   United States
        NEWTON, KEITH G                    Australia
        NHLAPO, MANDLA BIKWA               South Africa
        NIBOUREL, CHRISTIAN                France
        NICHOLS, DAVID L                   United States
        NICHOLS, JOHN K                    United States
        NICHOLS, W ANTHONY                 United States
        NIEDERWESTBERG, BERNWARD           Germany
        NIETO, CLAUDIA                     Argentina/Spain
        NIMMO-GUENTHER, KELLY              United States
        NISHIKADO, HIROKAZU                Japan
        NISHIMURA, YUJI                    Japan
        NISHIMURA, HIROYUKI                Japan
        NITZ, JOYCE A                      United States
        NIVEN, RICHARD ROY SYMES           Zimbabwe
        NOGUEIRA, PETRONIO G               Brazil
        NOLAN, THOMAS F                    United States
        NOLLMANN, WALTER G                 United States
        NOLTE, MICHAEL                     Germany
        NONINO, PIERO                      Italy
        NORRIS, A JOE                      United States
        NORTH, PAUL                        British
        NORTHCUTT, ROBERT LEWIS            United States
        NOTLEY, IAN MATTHEW                British
        NOVAK, EDWARD T                    United States
        NUEZ CAMPOS, FRANCISCO JOSE        Spain
        NUKUI, SEIICHIRO                   Japan
        NYCZ, DANIEL M                     Argentina
        OAKES, MARK                        United Kingdom
        OAKLEY, MATT                       United Kingdom
        OATES, JEREMY                      British West Indies
        OBLAK, THOMAS O                    United States
        O'BOYLE, PATRICK T                 United States
        O'BRIEN, CALVIN A                  Australia/United Kingdom
        O'BRIEN, JOHN M                    United Kingdom
        O'BYRNE, JAMES F                   Ireland
        O'CONNELL, GEOFFREY                United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        O'CONNELL, BRIAN ANTHONY           United States
        O'CONNOR, BRUCE L                  United States
        O'CONNOR, JOHN L                   United States
        O'DEA, FRANK J                     Ireland
        OESTERMAN, PER UNO                 Sweden
        OGILVIE, ROBERT BRETT              United States
        OGILVY, NORMAN                     United Kingdom
        O'HALLORAN, JOHN PATRICK           United States
        OHUE, FUMIO                        Japan
        O'KEEFE, ROBERT F                  United States
        OLLAGNIER, JEAN-MARC E             France
        OLMOS LOPEZ, PEDRO                 Spain
        OLMSTEAD, DEAN W                   United States
        O'MAHONY, ROSEMARY M               Ireland
        O'NEILL, PATRICK G                 United States
        OOTAM, AZAD                        United Kingdom
        O'REILLY, KATHLEEN T               United States
        O'RIORDAN, ANNE                    Ireland
        ORLER, VICTOR J                    United States
        ORLOWICZ, MICHAEL L                United States
        ORMAN, MICHAEL J                   United States
        ORR, STUART A H                    United Kingdom
        OSATO, RENATO                      Brazil
        OSBORNE, NEIL A                    Australia
        OSEGOWITSCH, MARCUS                Austria
        OSOSAMI, BODE ADESOGA              Nigeria
        O'SULLIVAN, OONAGH                 Ireland
        OTLEY, PHILIP                      Australia
        OUELLETTE, ROBERT                  Canada
        OUZIEL, SYLVIE                     France
        OUZOUNIAN, STEVEN S                United States
        OVERAAS, NILS                      Norway
        OYAMA, STANLEY M                   United States
        OZDEMIR, CENK O                    Turkey
        PACKARD, STEPHEN MICHAEL           United States
        PADMORE, ELIZABETH J               United Kingdom
        PAGE, STEPHEN DOWLAND              Australia/United Kingdom
        PAGE, DUNCAN BRIAN                 United Kingdom
        PAGELLA, MASSIMO                   Italy
        PAHLMAN, ANDREW R                  Sweden
        PAIN, MICHAEL G                    Australia
        PALING, MARK                       United States
        PALLASAHO, JARKKO                  Finland
        PALMELA, JORGE                     Portugal
        PALMER, JERRY L                    United States
        PALMER, ROBERT O                   United States
        PALMER, MICHAEL E                  United States
        PANIAGUA, PURIFICACION             Spain
        PAPAGEORGIOU, GEORGE               Canada
        PAPANTUONO, PIETRO                 Australia
        PARRY, THOMAS N                    United States
        PARSELL, CRAIG W                   Australia
        PASCUZZI, GREGORY E                United States
        PATEL, ASEET A                     Australia/United Kingdom
        PATEL, PIYUSH M                    United Kingdom
        PATRICK, RICH                      United States
        PATTERSON, JOHN H                  United States
        PATTON, ERIC W                     United States
        PAUL, GARETH D                     South Africa
        PAUL, SAM A                        United States
        PAULSON, MARK F                    United States
        PEACHER, TIMOTHY A                 United States
        PEARCE, DAVE MALCOLM               South Africa/United
        PEARSON, MARK H                    United Kingdom
        PEARSON, SUSAN R                   United States
        PEDEN, ALISON                      British
        PEDRANZINI, CARLOS                 Brazil
        PENNINGTON, HOWARD                 United States
        PEPPING, DAVID W                   United States
        PERCY, JOHN EDWARD                 United Kingdom

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        PEREIRA, LUIS SANT'ANA             Portugal
        PERILLO, OWEN VINCENT              United States
        PERONI, MARCO                      Italy
        PERRONE, FABRIZIO                  Italy
        PERRY, WILLIAM D                   United States
        PERSIAN, KATHLEEN B                United States
        PETCHON, STEVEN B                  United States
        PETERSEN, DAVID T                  United States
        PETERSON, ZOE A                    United States
        PETERSON, ANNETTE N                United States
        PETROPULOS, ANASTASIA              United States
        PETTY, DARRELL L                   United States
        PEZZINGA, ANTONIO                  Italy
        PFAFFHAUSEN, HENNING               Germany
        PFAU, DANIEL R                     United States
        PFEIFER, ANDREAS MICHAEL           Germany
        PFEIFER, MICHELLE B                United States
        PFEIFFER, WALTER                   Germany
        PFITZNER, KAI                      Germany
        PHALIN, GREGORY THOMAS             United States
        PHANORD, EDWIN M                   Haiti
        PHELAN, ROY K                      United States
        PHILLIPS, MARK D                   United Kingdom
        PHILLIPS, JUDITH A                 United States
        PHILLIPS, RICHARD E                United States
        PHILLIPS, JOSEPH P                 United States
        PHILLIPS, STEVEN D                 United States
        PIEPER, PAUL J                     United States
        PIERAGOSTINI, GIORGIO              Italy
        PIERRON, JEAN-MARIE                France
        PIISPANEN, ELINA INKERI            Finland
        PIKE, THOMAS H                     United States
        PILI, AUDIE T                      Philippines
        PILLINGER, WILLY                   Switzerland
        PINEAU, THIERRY                    France
        PINHEIRO, GUILHERME J              Brazil
        PINKL, JUERGEN                     Germany
        PIRACCINI, ROBERTO                 Italy
        PISCIOTTA, V CHARLES               United States
        PITSTICK, GREGORY J                United States
        PITT, ROBERT CHARLES               United Kingdom
        PIYARALI, ALI                      United States
        PLAZA, ADAN                        Spain
        PLESKO, DAVID E                    United States
        PLISKA, TROY R                     United States
        PODREBARAC, MATTHEW J              United States
        POGGENPOHL, TERESA L               United States
        POINDEXTER, JOHN W                 United States
        POISSON, JOHN P                    United States
        POITOU, JEAN-LAURENT               France
        POLISHOOK, DEBRA A                 United States
        POLITOSKI, JAMES                   United States
        POLITTE, CHRIS E                   United States
        POLLAN, THOMAS D                   United States
        POLLARI, KEVIN A                   United States
        POLSON, VERDELE C                  Canada
        PONTES, ALOYSIO C L                Brazil
        POOL, EDWARD F                     United States
        POPE, DAVID L                      United States
        POPE, MICHAEL G                    United States
        POPPLETON, ANDREW DAVID            United Kingdom
        PORDELANNE, SANTIAGO ROBERTO       Argentina
        PORETTA, ACHILLE                   Italy
        PORGES, MICHAEL A                  United States
        PORTER, SIMON ROSS                 Australia
        PORTER, JAMES                      Ireland
        PORTER, CHARLES H                  United States
        POTTS, PARRISH K                   United States
        POTVIN, ANNE M                     United States
        POUNDS, BLAKE A                    United States
        POUYFAUCON, PIERRE                 France
        POWELL, GRANT D                    Australia

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        POWELL, ALEX ANTHONY GEORGE        United Kingdom
        PRAMER, DAVID M                    United States
        PRASETYO, HERU                     Indonesia
        PRCHAL, THOMAS P                   United States
        PREISS, FRIEDRICH J                Germany
        PRESUTTI, DANIELE                  Italy
        PRICE, RODERICK C                  United States
        PRIETO, JUAN CARLOS                Spain
        PRIMAVERA, PAUL E                  United States
        PRINCE, BARRY                      British West Indies
        PRITCHARD, SARAH GILLIAN           United Kingdom
        PRONELLO, PIERO                    Italy
        PROVERBIO, ALBERTO                 Italy
        PROVERBIO, MASSIMO                 Italy
        PRZEWLOKA, ANDREAS                 Germany
        PUECHBROUSSOU, PATRICK             France
        PUGMIRE, DAVID M                   United States
        PUOPOLO, SCOTT A                   United States
        PURKS, ROBERT                      United States
        PURNELL, PAUL J                    Australia
        PUSEY, GARY STEPHEN                United Kingdom
        PYLKKO, JUHA J                     Finland
        QUILLIGAN, AIDAN                   Ireland
        QUINONES, DAVID B                  United States
        QUIRING, KEVIN N                   United States
        RAAEN, DALE A                      United States
        RACIOPPO, STEPHEN G                United States
        RADVANY, DAVID E                   United States
        RAFE, BARRY                        Australia
        RAFFEINER, THOMAS                  Austria
        RAGAS, DONALD J                    United States
        RAGHAVAN, SADEESH                  Malaysia
        RAGONESE, JOSEPH J                 United States
        RAILEY, CHERYL C                   United States
        RAIMONDO, PAOLO                    Italy
        RAINEY, MICHAEL A                  United States
        RAMAN, ANANTHA K                   India
        RAMARAO, BALAJI V                  United States
        RAMBICUR, JEAN-FRANCOIS            France
        RAMM, E EDWIN                      United States
        RAMOS, ANTONIO CARLOS M            Brazil
        RAMSAY, JACK                       United Kingdom
        RAMSEY, STEVEN S                   United States
        RAMSEY, L CRAIG                    United States
        RAMSTAD, ARNE H                    Norway
        RANALDI, GIANCARLO                 Italy
        RANDS, JON C                       United States
        RAPAGLIA, MARCO                    Italy
        RAPPEPORT, D MICHAEL               United States
        RASMUSSEN, ERIC CARL               United States
        RATAJ, TOBIAS                      Czech Republic
        RAUEN IV, PHILIP J                 United States
        RAUTENBERG, JUSTIN                 Germany
        RAWAL, DHIREN                      United Kingdom
        RAY, JOHN R                        United States
        RAY, MATTHEW V                     United States
        RAYET, JAZZ                        United Kingdom
        RAYNES, GREGORY S                  United States
        RE, MANUELA                        Italy
        REA, CRAIG                         United Kingdom
        REBITZER, ROBERT S                 United States
        RECKER, BERND                      Germany
        REDDING, MICHAEL J                 United States
        REDONDO, INIGO                     Spain
        REDWINE, JACK H                    United States
        REEDY, KEVIN P                     United States
        REHM, MICHAEL                      Germany
        REID, DAVID                        United Kingdom
        REID, PHILIPPA                     United Kingdom
        REIMERS, HOLGER                    Germany
        RELF, JEFFREY TODD                 United States
        REMARK, HANS-PETER                 Germany
        REMPE, DENISE A                    United States
        RENE, RICK H                       United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        RENNEKAMP, FRANK                   Germany
        RENNIE, GAVIN HENRY                United Kingdom
        RESSLER, DANIEL W                  United States
        RETTIE, C ANN                      United States
        REVARE, SCOTT S                    United States
        REY, DAVID A                       United States
        REYNOLDS, JOHN J                   United States
        RHEINBERGER, BERNHARD              Germany
        RIAZ, UMAR                         United States
        RIBEIRO, PEDRO M                   Portugal
        RIBEIRO, FRANCISCO JOSE V          Brazil
        RICCI, LEONARDO                    Italy
        RICE, JOHN D                       United States
        RICH, DAVID B                      United States
        RICHARDS, DAVID T                  United Kingdom
        RICHARDS, DONALD J                 United States
        RICHARDSON, PAUL                   United Kingdom
        RICHMAN, SETH W D                  United States
        RICHMOND, BRUCE S                  United States
        RIDEN, VICTOR BEECH                United States
        RIDER, GILLIAN A                   United Kingdom
        RIEMENSPERGER, FRANK               Germany
        RIGG, CHRISTOPHER S                United States
        RIGGERT, THOMAS                    Germany
        RILEY, MICHAEL M                   Australia
        RINDAL, CATO W                     Norway
        RINGO, TIMOTHY A                   United States
        RIPPERT, DONALD J                  United States
        RITCHIE, ROBERT MACKELLAR          Brazil/United Kingdom
        RIVAS PEREZ, ANTONIO               Spain
        RIXHON, PHILIPPE                   Belgium
        RIZZOTTI, GIOVANNI                 Italy
        ROALD, EIVIND                      Norway
        ROATCH, STEPHEN S                  United States
        ROBBE, ALAIN L                     France
        ROBBINS, RICK                      United States
        ROBERTS, NEVILLE                   United Kingdom
        ROBERTS, GREGORY C                 United States
        ROBERTS, DAVID A                   United States
        ROBERTS, DAVID T                   United States
        ROBERTS, BETH KARIN                United States
        ROBERTSON, JON                     United Kingdom
        ROBINSON, MARCUS D                 British
        ROBINSON, DEAN C                   Australia
        ROBY, ANTHONY                      United Kingdom
        RODA, FAUSTO                       Italy
        RODDY, JOHN R                      United States
        RODE, MARK A                       United States
        RODRI, BUFFIE D                    United States
        ROESSL, DAVID J                    United States
        ROGALSKI, MICHAEL J                United States
        ROGERS, WILLIAM M                  United States
        ROGERS, JOHN G                     United States
        ROHLEDER, STEPHEN J                United States
        ROLLINS, JOHN D                    United States
        ROMANIN JACUR, ROBERTO             Italy
        ROMANOW, JOHN M                    United States
        RONCHETTI, BRUNO                   Italy
        ROSATI, STEVEN A                   United States
        ROSE, SCOTT M                      United States
        ROSENCRANS, BRADLEY A              United States
        ROSS, DAVID A                      United States
        ROSSI, ALESSANDRO                  Italy
        ROSSI, DAVID A                     United States
        ROSSI, HENRY T                     United States
        ROTONDO, MARCO                     Italy
        ROULS, DAVID M                     United States
        ROUSSEAU II, EARL P                United States
        ROUSSEL, CHARLES J                 United States
        ROVINSKI, FRANCIS J                United States
        ROWE, JEREMY PAUL                  United Kingdom

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        ROWLAND, DAVID P                   United States
        ROWLANDS, MARK GRAHAM              United Kingdom
        ROWLEY, MICHAEL L                  United States
        RUBIN, CARL                        United States
        RUCHON, PATRICE                    France
        RUDIN, MICHAEL D                   United States
        RUNAU, RALF                        Germany
        RUNDSHAGEN, MICHAEL                Germany
        RUNYON, C HOLLY                    United States
        RUPERT, BARRY L                    United States
        RUPP, CHRISTOPHER                  United Kingdom
        RUSINKO, MICHAEL J                 United States
        RUSSELL, JEFFREY S                 Canada/Australia
        RUSSELL, R PAUL                    United Kingdom
        RUSSELL, MICHAEL J                 United States
        RUST, CARLOS E                     Brazil
        RUTH, SVERRE                       Norway
        RUTHERFORD, KATE                   United Kingdom
        RUTIGLIANO, ELIZABETH L            United States
        RUTLEDGE, CHRISTOPHER R            United States
        RYAN, SHANE B                      Australia
        RYAN, MARK J                       Ireland
        RYAN, RICHARD A                    United States
        RYCKMAN, DOUGLAS A                 United States
        SABA, BRYAN RICHARD                United States
        SABATAKAKIS, KYRIACOS              Greece
        SACHMANN, CARSTEN                  Denmark
        SA-COUTO, LUIS JOSE                Brazil/Portugal
        SADLER, ANDRES E                   Argentina
        SAKA, YASUSHI                      Japan
        SAKAGUCHI, JEFFREY B               United States
        SALGADO-SARRIA, GRACIELA           Argentina
        SALOUK, MARCUS                     Australia
        SALUJA, SUSHIL                     United Kingdom
        SAMARA, HERON A                    Brazil
        SAMPATHKUMAR, SUDARSHAN            India
        SAMPLE, KATHERINE J                United Kingdom
        SAMUELIAN, MARK G                  United States
        SANDBAEK, LIV GURI                 Norway
        SANDERS, KATHRYN ANN               United States
        SANDS, RICHARD J                   United Kingdom
        SANPRASERT, ARAK                   Thailand
        SANTOS, JOAO C                     Portugal
        SANTOS, PAULO                      Portugal
        SANZ JIMENEZ, MARIA JOSE           Spain
        SARGENT, SCOTT RICHARD             United States
        SATO, AKIHIKO                      Japan
        SATO, TSUYOSHI                     Japan
        SAUGEN, DOUGLAS W                  United States
        SAUTER, MICHAEL                    Austria
        SAYDAH, PAUL FERRIS                United States
        SAYLOR, JOHN V C                   United States
        SCALET, KENNETH                    United States
        SCARCELLA, MARIA                   Italy
        SCHACHTEL, WAYNE J                 Canada
        SCHAEFFER, ERIC                    France
        SCHAFFNER, WILLIAM A               United States
        SCHARF, PETER                      Austria
        SCHERER, GUIDO                     Switzerland
        ROBERTO                            Brazil
        SCHEUER, RICARDO                   Argentina
        SCHLEGEL, DANIEL A                 Switzerland
        SCHLEUTER, HUBERTUS                Germany
        SCHMIDT, ELISABETH S               United States
        SCHMIDT, JOHN H                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        SCHNEIDER, STEFAN                  Germany
        SCHNEIDER, INGRID                  Germany
        SCHNEIDER, PATRICK O               United States
        SCHOLTISSEK, STEPHAN               Germany
        SCHOTTE, JAN L                     Belgium
        SCHRECK, EDWARD M                  United States
        SCHRIMSHER, DENISE M               United States
        SCHROEDER, RIKARD                  Sweden
        SCHUERBUESCHER, DIRK               Germany
        SCHULER, ANDREAS HERMANN           Germany
        SCHULER, MARK A                    United States
        SCHULTZ, JOSEPH M                  United States
        SCHULZ, MICHAEL X                  Germany
        SCHULZ, ROLF                       Germany
        SCHUMACHER, TORSTEN                Germany
        SCHUSTER, PABLO D                  Argentina
        SCHWARZBACH, STEPHEN T             United States
        SCHWENGER, THOMAS D                United States
        SCHWORER, MICHAEL                  Germany
        SCIMO, MICHAEL D                   United States
        SCOLINI, ANTHONY J                 United States
        SCOTT, CHERYL ANNE                 Canada
        SCOTT, CHARLENE A                  South Africa
        SCOTTEN, MIKE A                    Canada
        SCRIVNER, DOUGLAS G                United States
        SEAH, CHIN SIONG                   Singapore
        SEDGASS, DANA H                    United States
        SEDGWICK, D GLENN                  Australia
        SEGUIN, PIERRE-LOUIS               France
        SEIBEL, DAVID E                    Canada
        SEIKEL, M ANDREW                   United States
        SEKIDO, RYOJI                      Japan
        SELDEN, ANGELA K                   United States
        SELL, STEPHEN M                    United States
        SELL, ROBERT ELLIOTT               United States
        SELLERS, DOUGLAS W                 United States
        SELMER, CHRISTIAN                  Norway
        SEMMER, JOHN F                     United States
        SENBA, TAKAYASU                    Japan
        SENGSTAKE, POLLIE                  United States
        SEPPALA, ARI T                     Finland
        SEPPLE, JOHN S                     United States
        SERAPHIM, RALPH PETER              Germany
        SERVANT, JEAN-MICHEL MICHEL        France
        SERVE, JEAN-MARC E                 France
        SEWELL, DOUGLAS W                  United States
        SHACHOY, N JAMES                   United States
        SHAH, AMEET A                      United Kingdom
        SHANE, STEVEN R                    United States
        SHATTO, DAVID P                    United States
        SHAW JR, GEORGE P                  United States
        SHEEHAN, CONRAD M                  United States
        SHEIBLEY, PHILIP B                 United States
        SHELDON, GRANT S                   Australia
        SHERMAN, LEONARD                   United States
        SHIELDS, FRANCIS X                 United States
        SHIMODOI, TAKASHI                  Japan
        SHIMOTA, MICHAEL T                 United States
        SHINBO, HIROSHI                    Japan
        SHINE, SEAN                        Ireland
        SHISHMANIAN, ARAM EDWARD           United Kingdom
        SHOLD, DEAN K                      United States
        SHORE, CLIVE LINTORN               United Kingdom

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        SHOUP, CHRISTOPHER A               United States
        SIBER, RICHARD S                   United States
        SICKLES, TODD A                    United States
        SIDARTO, JULIANTO                  Indonesia
        SIEBER, GLENN A                    United States
        SIEGEL, GARY LAURENCE              United States
        SIFAOUI, RIADH                     Tunisia
        SIKORA, JAMES J                    United States
        SILBERT, KENNETH S                 United States
        SILEN, MARKKU T                    Finland
        SILVA, AFONSO                      Portugal
        SILVERSTONE, YAARIT ANNETTE        South Africa
        SIMMONDS, ANDREW J                 United Kingdom
        SIMOES, VASCO                      Brazil
        SIMOES, RUI RIO                    Portugal
        SIMON, RICHARD E                   United States
        SIMONEAU, THOMAS M                 United States
        SIMONITSCH, JANET M                United States
        SIMONS, CATHERINE M                Canada
        SIMONS, JANET A                    United States
        SIMPSON, PETER                     United Kingdom
        SIMPSON, DAVID CHARLES             United Kingdom
        SINENSKY, ARTHUR                   United States
        SINGLETON, TODD W                  United States
        SINNER, ANDREA P                   United States
        SIRIANUKUL, RAVI                   Thailand
        SITEK, WITOLD                      Norway
        SIVO, MICHAEL J                    United States
        SKAN, JULIAN                       United Kingdom
        SKELLY, THOMAS J                   United States
        SKIBA, THOMAS M                    United States
        SKINNER, STEVEN G                  United States
        SKIRROW, FRASER                    Canada/United Kingdom
        SKJAEVELAND, SIGURD                Norway
        SKLARIN, RICHARD L                 United States
        SKODNY, PETER                      Slovakia
        SKOV, OLE                          Denmark
        SLATTERY, IAN DANIEL               Ireland
        SLOANE, NAT                        United Kingdom/United
        SMART, PETER J                     Australia
        SMART, SAMUEL B                    United States
        SMART, JILL B                      United States
        SMERTNIG, ROLAND                   Austria
        SMIT, JAN-COEN                     The Netherlands
        SMITH, NIGEL                       United Kingdom
        SMITH, IAIN S                      United Kingdom
        SMITH, WILLIAM S                   United States
        SMITH, EDWARD D                    United States
        SMITH, T BAKER                     United States
        SMITH, RICHARD R                   United States
        SMITH, DAVID A                     United States
        SMITH, JEFFREY R                   United States
        SMITH, GUS E                       United States
        SMITH III, GEORGE GRAHAM           United States
        SMYTH, RUSSELL ROBERT              Australia
        SMYTH-OSBOURNE, ROBIN D            United Kingdom
        SNEAD, MARK K                      United States
        SNEDDEN, DOUG                      Australia
        SNOPKOWSKI, JOHN J                 United States
        SNYDER, AMY V                      United States
        SNYDER, STEPHEN C                  United States
        SOBON, WAYNE P                     United States
        SOCHER, LARRY M                    United States

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        SOFTY, SCOTT W                     United States
        SOKOL, JULIE A                     United States
        SOLES, JOHN H                      Canada
        SOLOMON, JON DAVID                 United States
        SOLOMON, LAWRENCE F                United States
        SOLOMON, STUART L                  United States
        SOMPPI, PEKKA                      Finland
        SOOBIAH, SHAM                      South Africa
        SOUSA, CLAUDIO                     Brazil
        SOVELL, DAVID J                    United States
        SOVEREIGN, CHRISTINE T             United States
        SPANN, THOMAS K                    United States
        SPARKES, JULIAN A                  United Kingdom
        SPARKS, M SCOTT                    United States
        SPAZIANI TESTA, MARCO              Italy
        SPELMAN, MARK GERALD               United Kingdom
        SPENCE, ALLAN PAUL                 United Kingdom
        SPENCER, MICHAEL J                 British West Indies
        SPINELLI, FRANCISCO                Italy
        SPROWS, DAVID G                    United States
        SPURR, THOMAS H                    United States
        SQUIRE, DAVID                      United Kingdom
        ST PETERS, JEFFREY V               United States
        ST JAMES, PATRICK J                Canada
        STAINER, ROBIN                     United Kingdom
        STALEY, TIMOTHY JOHN               Australia
        STAMMEIER, REINHOLD                Germany
        STANDRIDGE, DAVID J                United States
        STANG, GARY R                      Canada
        STANGE, ERIC SIEGFRIED             United States
        STANLEY, CRAIG M                   United States
        STARR, CHARLES E                   United States
        STARRS, ANDREW                     British West Indies
        STATON, JOHN T                     United States
        STAYIN, GREGORY S                  United States
        STEAKLEY, DAVID G                  United States
        STEELBERG, DEREK A                 United States
        STEFANCHIK, JOHN M                 United States
        STEINER, MORTEN B                  Denmark
        STEINITZ, EYAL                     Denmark
        STEINMAN, DAN P                    United States
        STENGEL, ANDREW B                  United States
        STEPHENS, JAMES N                  United States
        STEPHENSON, GRANT R                Australia
        STERLING, GREGORY J                United States
        STERN, HAROLD A                    United States
        STERN, JOEL A                      United States
        STERNBERG, MARCELO DANIEL          Argentina
        STEWART, RONALD EDWIN              United States
        STILERMAN, DAVID E                 Argentina
        STILES, ALLEN EMIL                 United States
        STOCKER, JEFFREY A                 United States
        STOCKMAN, PETER C                  United States
        STOKE, MARK P                      New Zealand/United
        STOLAR, GLENN A                    United States
        STOLARSKI, JAMES R                 United States
        STOLL, MANFRED                     Germany
        STOLL, KEN B                       United States
        STOPS, WENDY M                     Australia
        STORM, GREGORY L                   United States
        STOUT, JEFFREY H                   United States
        STRANGE, BRIAN G                   Australia
        STRAUSS, WILLEM                    South Africa
        STRAUSS, TERRI E                   United States
        STROMSO, PER ERIK                  Norway
        STRUNTZ, JR, JAMES P               United States

                              (Page 35 of 52 Pages)

                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        STYVE, MICHAEL B                   United States
        SULAIMAN, ADEDOTUN                 Nigeria
        SULLIVAN, ANDREW J                 United States
        SULLIVAN, MICHAEL P                United States
        SUNDEAN, JOHN A                    United States
        SUNDERMAN, SHERYL K                United States
        SUPRON, GREGORY J                  United States
        SUROVIK, MICHAEL E                 United States
        SUSSEBACH, KARL                    Germany
        SUTCLIFF, MICHAEL R                United States
        SUZUKI, TOSHIMASA                  Japan
        SVENSSON, BENTE                    Norway
        SWALLOW, PHILIP WALTER             United Kingdom
        SWANBACK, MICHELLE R               United States
        SWARTZ, STEPHEN J                  United States
        SWEENEY, MICHAEL S                 United States
        SWEENEY, GREGG M                   United States
        SWITEK III, MICHAEL JOHN           United States
        SYLVESTER, PAUL JOSEPH             United States
        TAFFINDER, PAUL A                  United Kingdom
        TAKEDA, TOMOKAZU                   Japan
        TAKEDA, YASUMASA                   Japan
        TAKUMA, NOBUYOSHI                  Japan
        TAMIETTI, MARCELLO                 Italy
        TAMMINGA, PHILIP J                 United States
        TAN, CHARLES                       Malaysia
        TAN, JUDY S                        Philippines
        TANIGUCHI, KAZUSHI                 Japan
        TAPP, ROBIN                        United Kingdom
        TAPPEN, SKIP                       United States
        TARRES, ESTHER                     Spain
        TATE, KELLY F                      United States
        TATUM, GREGORY L                   United States
        TAVARES, JOAO PEDRO                Portugal
        TAVARES, JOAO ANTONIO              Portugal
        TAYLOE, KEITH E                    United States
        TAYLOR, STUART W                   United Kingdom
        TAYLOR, J GUY                      United Kingdom
        TAYLOR, RICHARD JOHN               United Kingdom
        TAYLOR, VINCENT                    United States
        TAYLOR, ROXANNE                    United States
        TAYLOR, STANTON J                  United States
        TEGLIA, DEAN J                     United States
        TEMPLIN, MICHAEL R                 United States
        TEO, LAY LIM                       Singapore
        TERADA, YOSHIMASA                  Japan
        TER-BRAAK, BERNARDUS               The Netherlands
        TEROL, PHILIPPE                    France
        TERENZONI, ENRICO                  Italy
        TERRY, THOMAS F                    United States
        TERZIOGLU, ATILLA                  United States
        TESCHNER, RAINER W                 Germany
        THAYER, STEVEN T                   United States
        THEAN, NAM YEW                     Malaysia
        THEUT, KENNETH D                   United States
        THIEN-NGERN, ORAPONG               Thailand
        THIOLLIER, MARC                    France
        THOMAS, GERHARD P                  Germany
        THOMAS, J DIL                      United Kingdom
        THOMAS, GLENN J                    United States
        THOMLINSON, DAVID CHARLES          United Kingdom
        THOMPSON, BRYCE B                  Australia
        THOMSON, STEVE J                   United Kingdom
        THORSON, GREGORY A                 United States
        THORWID, CARL-PETER                Sweden
        THURAISINGHAM, RAJA                Malaysia
        THURWACHTER, WILLIAM A             United States
        TIBBS, STEPHEN D                   United States
        TIDEMAN, DOUWE DERK                The Netherlands
        TILLINGER, MARK A                  United States

                              (Page 36 of 52 Pages)

                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        TILLMAN, MATTHEW A                 United States
        TILTON, MICHAEL S                  United States
        TIMMERMAN, GLENN L                 United States
        TIMMINS, BRENDAN                   Canada
        TINKHAM, ELIZABETH A               United States
        TITUS, JERRY ROBERT                United States
        TITZRATH, BARBARA H                Germany
        TODTE, HENNING                     Germany
        TOLAN, MARY A                      United States
        TOMATSURI, JUNYA                   Japan
        TOMINAGA, TAKASHI                  Japan
        TOMOMUNE, MASAO                    Japan
        TONCAR, JAN H                      United Kingdom
        TOOMEY, PHILIP M                   Ireland
        TOTTERDALE, ROBERT L               United States
        TOYODA, MAKOTO                     Japan
        TRAFAS, JUDY B                     United States
        TRAFTON, WILLIAM L                 United States
        TRAVERSO, GUIDO                    Italy
        TRONCATTI, PIERLUIGI               Italy
        TROUT, MARK C                      United States
        TROWHILL, JAMES K                  United States
        TRUE, MIKE STEVEN                  United Kingdom
        TSAI, JACK                         Taiwan
        TSANTES III, GEORGE K              United States
        TSIEN, PATRICIA Y                  United States
        TSUCHIDA, YASUHIKO                 Japan
        TUBINO, STEFANO                    Italy
        TUCKER, DONALD E                   United States
        TURCONI, FRANCO                    Italy
        TURNER, BRETT A                    Australia
        TURNER, HAROLD C                   United States
        TUTHILL, MARTHA R                  United States
        TUTOR, JESSE B                     United States
        TYNAN, THOMAS G                    United States
        UCHELLO, CARLO A                   United States
        ULLYATT, MARTIN DEREK              United Kingdom
        ULVUND, OLAV STORLI                Norway
        UNDERWOOD, ROY AARON               United States
        UNNO, KEIICHI                      Japan
        URSON, ARNOLD R                    South Africa
        URTSO, J MICHAEL                   United States
        USAMI, USHIO                       Japan
        USMAN, SAJID                       United States
        UZEEL, LUC J                       France
        VACIRCA, FABIO PIETRO              Italy
        VAGO, MAURIZIO PIERO               Italy
        VALERIAN, FRANCOIS                 France
        VALLI, RUDY J                      United States
        VALTAKARI, RISTO                   Finland
        VAN DAM, THOMAS J                  United States
        VAN DEN MEIRACKER, MAUD M          The Netherlands
        VANDEBROUCK, GUY                   France
        VAN-DER-BIEST, LUC                 Belgium
        MARIA                              Germany
        VAN-DER-OUDERAA, EDWIN             Belgium
        VANDERSLICE, PETER                 United States
        VAN-DER-ZIEL, JULIENNE             United States
        VANDEVELDE, JEAN M                 France
        VAN HORN JR, THOMAS F              United States
        VAN-PELT, JAMES W                  United States
        VAN-ROSENDAAL, MICHEL A M          The Netherlands
        VAN'T NOORDENDE, ALEXANDER         The Netherlands
        VANWIE, JEFFREY G                  United States
        VAQUE, NAM-UNG                     Korea
        VARLEY, STEPHEN A                  United Kingdom
        VARNER, C CLARK                    United States
        VAUTIER, ANDREW JAMES              United Kingdom
        VEITH, RONALD A                    United States
        VELDERS, HENDRIK J                 The Netherlands
        VENOHR, BERND                      Germany

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        VERCAEMER, JEROME                  France
        VERNOCCHI, MARCO                   Italy
        VERON, ERIC R                      France
        VERVISCH, RIK M                    Belgium
        VESTRI, GREGORY L                  United States
        VEVERKA, MARY JO                   United States
        VICENTE, PAULO VILARES             Portugal
        VICKERS, GARY                      United Kingdom
        VICKERY, JOHN                      United States
        VIDAL, PHILIPPE                    France
        VIDAL, OLIVIER                     France
        VIGNOTTI, DAVIDE                   Italy
        VILLAUME, PHILIPPE                 France
        VILLELA, JOSE CARLOS               Brazil
        VINET, PATRICE                     France
        VIRANI, AZIZ                       United States
        VIRNICH, GEORG HANS                Germany
        VISCONTI, DIEGO                    Italy
        VLASIMSKY, STAN M                  United States
        VOELKER, BRUCE D                   United States
        VOGEL, GIL J                       United States
        VOGEL, L THOMAS                    United States
        VOGELSANG, PAUL E                  United States
        VOICHICK, STEVE M                  United States
        VOLKMANN, CURT                     United States
        VON BEBENBURG, ANTON               Germany
        VON DREHNEN, DRUVAAN B             Australia
        VONDETTE, DOROTHY VINSON           United States
        VON-DONOP, TOENNIES-HILMAR         Germany
        VON-HAGEN, RICHARD E               Canada
        VON-LEWINSKI, HANS GEORG           Germany
        VRANKEN, JOS I                     Belgium
        VROUENRAETS, MARC A J M I          Denmark
        VULEJ, SERGIO F                    Argentina
        WACHTEL, OURI                      France
        WAELTZ, CHARLES J                  United States
        WAGNER, TODD R                     United States
        WAHLSTROM, CATHINKA E              United States
        WAKIL, SALMAN                      Canada
        WALKER, R BRIAN                    Canada
        WALKER, PATRICIA H                 United States
        WALLACE, JOHN A                    United Kingdom
        WALSH, JOHN F                      United States
        WALTERS, GORDON                    United Kingdom
        WALWORTH, PAULA A                  United States
        WALZ, JOHN J                       United States
        WANG, BO                           United States
        WARASILA, PETER D                  United States
        WARD, CARL                         Australia
        WARD, MICHAEL L                    United Kingdom
        WARD, NICHOLAS J                   United States
        WARNER, RICHARD ANTHONY            United Kingdom
        WARNER, STEVEN B                   United States
        WARNER III, JOHN T                 United States
        WARREN, WILLIAM E                  United States
        WASHINGTON, HENRIQUE L             Brazil
        WATANABE, NOBUHIKO                 Japan
        WATINE, FREDERIC                   France
        WATKINS, KARL C                    United States
        WATKINS, WARREN H                  United States
        WATMORE, IAN CHARLES               United Kingdom
        WATSON, DOUG F                     United States
        WAY, WILLIAM G                     United States
        WEARING, CHRISTOPHER ANTONY        United Kingdom

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        WEBSTER, BARRY J                   United States
        WEERASEKERA, RUWAN UPENDRA         United Kingdom
        WEGE, SANDRA J                     United States
        WEHRKAMP, OLAF                     Germany
        WEIGERT, PETER                     Germany
        WEINGAST, JOSHUA A                 United States
        WEINSTEIN, DAVID R                 United States
        WEIR, SEAN                         British
        WEIRICH, MARIE E                   United States
        WEISEL, JOHN T                     United States
        WEISS, JAMES F                     United States
        WEISSTUCH, ROBERT A                United States
        WENGER, KLAUS E                    West Germany
        WENKER, SHARI K                    United States
        WERE, HUGO GILES                   British West Indies
        WERTHSCHULTE, STEPHAN              Germany
        WESSELHOEFT, JOHN F                United States
        WEST, ANDREW DOUGLASS              United Kingdom
        WESTCOTT, KEVIN ALISTAIR           United States
        WESTLAKE, ADRIAN                   United Kingdom
        WETZER, MICHAEL                    United States
        WHEELER, RICHARD T                 United States
        WHELAN, JAMES F                    United States
        WHISLER III, ARNIM E               United States
        WHITE, SCOTT B                     United States
        WHITE, DUNCAN MCCULLOCH            United States
        WHITEHOUSE, CLIVE HENRY HAGUE      United Kingdom
        WHITEHOUSE, SIMON JOHN             United Kingdom
        WICHA-KRAUSE, BAERBEL              Germany
        WICK, GREGOR                       Austria
        WICK, STEVE D                      United States
        WIDMER, ADRIAN                     Switzerland
        WIERTULLA, FRIEDERIKE A            Germany
        WIERZBA, JAMES N                   United States
        WIESNER, JEFFREY DANIEL            United States
        WIIG, PHILLIP M A                  Denmark
        WILCOX, STEPHEN A                  United States
        WILD, RICHARD DUNCAN               United Kingdom
        WILDBLOOD, ANGUS GARVIN            United Kingdom
        WILDEBOER, HARRY                   The Netherlands
        WILDMAN, RICHARD JOHN              United Kingdom
        WILKINS, DAVID EDWARD              United States
        WILLETT, ROBERT A                  United Kingdom
        WILLFORD, MARK R                   United States
        WILLIAMS, PHIL JAMES               United Kingdom
        WILLIAMS, ANDY M                   United Kingdom
        WILLIAMS, SIMON C                  United Kingdom
        WILLIAMS, MARK C                   United States
        WILLINGER, DOUGLAS RUSSELL         United States
        WILLIS, RANDALL L                  United States
        WILSON, ANDREW                     Australia
        WILSON, KELLY                      United States
        WILSON, DAVID R                    United States
        WILSON, PAUL R                     United States
        WILSON, TODD S                     United States
        WILSON, DAVID A                    United States
        WILSON, DIANE D                    United States
        WILSON, JON H                      United States
        WILSON JR, JACKSON L               United States
        WINBERG, OLE                       Denmark
        WINSLOW III, JOSEPH D              United States
        WINSTON, RICHARD B                 United States
        WINTER, LARRY A                    United States
        WISE, THERESA                      United Kingdom

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                   Item 1                         Item 6
         Names of Reporting Persons            Citizenship

        WOLF, RUDIGER H                    United States
        WOLFE, MARK T                      United States
        WOLK, MICHAEL E                    United States
        WOLLAN, ROBERT E                   United States
        WOLLAN-FAN, SUSAN                  United States
        WOLPERT, ALLEN J                   United States
        WOLSKI, DAVID E                    United States
        WONG, WAI YIN                      Hong Kong
        WONG, JAMES P                      Hong Kong
        WOOD, PAULINE MARY ELIZABETH       United Kingdom
        WOOTTON, GILBERT D                 United States
        WORLEY, ANDREW W                   United Kingdom
        WORSEY, R CURTIS                   United States
        WOTTOWA, KENNARD L                 United States
        WOZNIAK, MARK A                    United States
        WRIGHT, RODNEY N                   United States
        WU, GARRET R                       United States
        WULF, C CRISTIAN                   Argentina
        WYLIE, STEVE                       United Kingdom
        WYLLIE, GRAHAM L                   United Kingdom
        YACOBI, JOHN A                     United States
        YAGER, THOMAS E                    United States
        YALCIN, AHMET                      Germany
        YELICH, DAVID A                    United States
        YEN, PETER H                       Hong Kong
        YOSHIDA, MASAHIRO                  Japan
        YOSHIMOTO, YASUNORI                Japan
        YOU, HARRY L                       United States
        YOUNG, DEREK B                     Australia
        YOUNGER, MARK P                    British West Indies
        YTTERDAL, IDAR                     Norway
        ZABO, EVELYN                       United States
        ZAHM, ROBERT R                     United States
        ZAINAL-ABIDIN, NOOR AZLIN          Malaysia
        ZANIKER, JEFFREY C                 United States
        ZANINETTI, LUIS F                  Brazil
        ZAPATER, IGNACIO                   Spain
        ZATLAND, STEPHEN                   United Kingdom
        ZEALLEY, JOHN KENELM               United Kingdom
        ZELTEN, PATRICK T                  United States
        ZERBE, JOHN A                      United States
        ZIDEK, JACQUELYN M                 United States
        ZIEGLER, REINHARD                  United States
        ZIIRSEN, ALLAN                     Denmark
        ZIMMER, KIM                        The Netherlands
        ZIMMERMAN, DANIEL C                United States
        ZMRHAL, RANDY                      The Netherlands
        ZUNKER, GL                         United States
        ZUTOVSKY, STEPHEN ROSS             United States
        ZWAANEVELD, MARC                   The Netherlands
        ZWANE, DEBBIE MASITHOLE            South Africa
        ZWEIG, MIGUEL D                    Argentina


        Stichting Naritaweg I              The Netherlands (place
        Naritaweg 155                      of organization)
        1043 BW Amsterdam
        The Netherlands

        Stichting Naritaweg II             The Netherlands (place
        Naritaweg 155                      of organization)
        1043 BW Amsterdam
        The Netherlands

                              (Page 40 of 52 Pages)

               This Amendment No.1 to a Statement on Schedule 13D amends and
restates in its entirety such Schedule 13D (as so amended and restated, this
"Schedule"). This Amendment No. 1 is being filed principally because, commencing
on May 22, 2002, Accenture Ltd has redeemed Class X Common Shares held by
certain Voting Provision Persons in connection with an underwritten public
offering of Class A Common Shares and transactions related to the offering.

Item 1. Security and Issuer

               This Schedule relates to the Class X common shares, par value
$0.0000225 per share ("Class X Common Shares") of Accenture Ltd, a company
limited by shares registered in Bermuda. The address of the registered and
principal executive offices of Accenture Ltd in Bermuda is Cedar House, 41 Cedar
Avenue, Hamilton HM12, Bermuda. See also the statement on Schedule 13D filed by
the Voting Provision Persons relating to the Class A common shares, par value
$0.0000225 per share ("Class A Common Shares" and, together with Class X Common
Shares, the "Common Shares") of Accenture Ltd.

Item 2. Identity and Background

               (a), (b), (c), (f) The cover page to this Schedule and Appendix A
hereto contain the names of the persons ("Voting Provision Persons") subject to
the voting provisions of a Voting Agreement, dated as of April 18, 2001, among
Accenture Ltd and the covered persons party thereto from time to time (as
amended from time to time, the "Voting Agreement"). The Class X Common Shares
beneficially owned by the Voting Provision Persons which are subject to the
voting provisions of the Voting Agreement are hereinafter referred to as "Voting
Provision Shares." This filing is being made on behalf of all of the Voting
Provision Persons, and the agreement that this filing may be so made is
contained in the Voting Agreement.

               Appendix A hereto also provides the citizenship or place of
organization of each Voting Provision Person. Each Voting Provision Person who
is an individual is an employee of Accenture Ltd or its subsidiaries. Stichting
Naritaweg I and Stichting Naritaweg II are Dutch foundations that hold Class X
Common Shares that would otherwise have been held by some Accenture partners.
Except as indicated on Annex A, the business address of each Voting Provision
Person for purposes of this Schedule is 1661 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto,
California 94304.

               (d), (e) Except as described in Annex A, during the last five
years, no Voting Provision Person has been convicted in a criminal proceeding
(excluding traffic violations or similar misdemeanors) or has been a party to a
civil proceeding of a judicial or administrative body of competent jurisdiction
resulting in such Voting Provision Person being subject to a judgment, decree or
final order enjoining future violations of, or prohibiting or mandating
activities subject to, federal or state securities laws or finding any violation
with respect to such laws.

Item 3. Source and Amount of Funds or Other Consideration

               Voting Provision Persons that were partners and shareholders
of the series of related partnerships and corporations through which Accenture
operated its business prior to its transition to a corporate structure in 2001
received certain Voting Provision Shares in lieu of their interests in
Accenture's local business operations in connection with such transaction.

Item 4. Purpose of Transaction

               The Voting Provision Persons acquired the Voting Provision
Shares in connection with the transition of Accenture to a corporate structure.
Voting Provision Persons may from time to time acquire or dispose of Class A
Common Shares not subject to the voting provisions of the Voting

                              (Page 41 of 52 Pages)

Agreement for investment purposes. Except as described in Item 6 and except for
the acquisition by Voting Provision Persons of Class A Common Shares from or as
required by Accenture in the future or as described in the immediately preceding
sentence, none of the Voting Provision Persons has any plans or proposals which
relate to or would result in their acquisition of additional Common Shares or
any of the other events described in Item 4(a) through 4(j).

                Each Voting Provision Person is expected to evaluate on an
ongoing basis Accenture Ltd's financial condition and prospects and his or her
interests in and with respect to Accenture Ltd. Accordingly, each Voting
Provision Person may change his or her plans and intentions at any time and from
time to time. In particular, each Voting Provision Person may at any time and
from time to time acquire or dispose of Common Shares or take actions that
result in redemption of Class X Common Shares.

Item 5. Interest in Securities of the Issuer

                (a) Rows (11) and (13) of the cover page to this Schedule and
Appendix A are hereby incorporated by reference. Each Voting Provision Person
hereby disclaims beneficial ownership of any shares held by each other Voting
Provision Person. Except as described in Annex B, none of the shares reported in
rows (11) and (13) of the cover page to this Schedule are shares as to which
there is a right to acquire exercisable within 60 days.

                (b) Rows (7) through (10) of the cover page to this Schedule
set forth the number of Voting Provision Shares as to which there is sole power
to vote or direct the vote; the number of Voting Provision Shares as to which
there is shared power to vote or direct the vote; the number or percentage range
of Voting Provision Shares as to which there is sole power to dispose or direct
the disposition; and the number of Voting Provision Shares as to which there is
shared power to dispose or direct the disposition. The power to vote Voting
Provision Shares by Voting Provision Persons is shared with each other Voting
Provision Person, as described below in response to Item 6. Each Voting
Provision Person hereby disclaims beneficial ownership of shares held by each
other Voting Provision Person.

                (c) Except as described in Annex C, no Voting Provision Person
has effected any transactions in Class X Common Shares during the past 60 days.

                (d), (e) Not applicable.

Item 6. Contracts, Arrangements, Understandings or Relationships
        With Respect to Securities of the Issuer


                On May 16, 2002, Accenture Ltd and certain selling shareholders
entered into an Underwriting Agreement (the "Underwriting Agreement") with
certain underwriters, the form of which is filed as an exhibit to this Schedule.
Pursuant to the Underwriting Agreement, Accenture Ltd and such selling
shareholders sold an aggregate of 93,475,915 Class A Common Shares to the
underwriters on May 22, 2002. The underwriters purchased the Class A Common
Shares from Accenture Ltd and the selling shareholders at $19.50 per share and
resold the shares to the public at $20.00 per share. Certain Voting Provision
Persons were selling shareholders.

                To obtain the Class A Common Shares they sold to the
underwriters, some of the selling shareholders that received Accenture SCA Class
I common shares or Accenture Canada Holdings exchangeable shares in connection
with Accenture Ltd's transition to a corporate structure redeemed or exchanged
an aggregate of 12,917,177 such shares and received Class A Common Shares on a
one-for-one basis.

                For local tax reasons in certain jurisdictions, Accenture Ltd
used and will use its proceeds from the offering to acquire or redeem an
aggregate of 59,233,912 Class A common shares, Accenture SCA Class I common
shares and Accenture Canada Holdings exchangeable shares from some of the Voting
Provision Persons, among others, in these jurisdictions at a price equal to the
initial price to public less the underwriting discount.


                Accenture Ltd expects to implement a number of arrangements that
it refers to collectively as the Share Management Plan and which currently
include the components described below.

                Accenture Ltd and certain of the Voting Provision Persons, among
others, have entered into a common agreement (the "Common Agreement"). The form
of the Common Agreement is filed as an exhibit to this Schedule, and the
following summary of the terms of the Common Agreement is qualified in its
entirety by reference thereto.

                Under the Common Agreement, each party thereto other than
Accenture Ltd has agreed not to transfer any of his or her covered shares under
the voting agreement described below until July 24, 2005, except:

     .  to participate as a seller in underwritten public offerings, share
        repurchases, sales or redemptions or other transactions, in each case as
        approved in writing by Accenture Ltd; and/or

     .  to estate and/or tax planning vehicles, family members and charitable
        organizations that become bound by o the terms of the common agreement,
        in each case as approved in writing by Accenture Ltd as further
        described in the following paragraph.

                Accenture Ltd has stated that it intends to approve estate
and/or tax planning strategies that will allow the value of a partner's shares
to be transferred to a partner's heirs or charitable donees in tax efficient
manners directly or indirectly through tax planning vehicles which may reduce
estate, gift, wealth, or income taxes of either the partner or the recipient of
the shares.

                Accenture Ltd has also stated that, subject to compliance with
applicable laws and the approval from time to time of Accenture Ltd's board of
directors, it expects to enable partners and former partners who are bound by
the common agreement with quarterly opportunities to sell or redeem covered
shares in transactions with Accenture Ltd or third parties at or below market


                Each Voting Provision Person listed on Appendix A hereto is a
party to the Voting Agreement except Stichting Naritaweg I and Stichting
Naritaweg II, which are each subject to the voting provisions thereof (see
"--Stichting Letter Agreements"). The form of the Voting Agreement is filed as
an exhibit to this Schedule and the following summary of the terms of the Voting
Agreement is qualified in its entirety by reference thereto.

                The Accenture Ltd shares covered by the Voting Agreement
generally include (1) any Class X Common Shares that are held by a partner, (2)
any Class A Common Shares beneficially owned by a partner at the time in
question and also as of or prior to the initial public offering of the Class A
Common Shares (the "initial public offering") and (3) any Class A

                             (Page 42 of 52 Pages)

Common Shares if they are received from Accenture while an Accenture employee, a
partner or in connection with becoming a partner or otherwise acquired if the
acquisition is required by Accenture. The parties to the Voting Agreement, other
than Accenture Ltd, are referred to as "covered persons" and the shares covered
by the Voting Agreement are referred to as "covered shares." Class A Common
Shares purchased by a covered person in the open market or, subject to certain
limitations, in an underwritten public offering, will generally not be subject
to the Voting Agreement.

           When a covered person ceases to be an employee of Accenture, the
shares held by that covered person will no longer be subject to the voting
provisions of the Voting Agreement.

           Each partner elected after the initial public offering has agreed or
will agree in the Voting Agreement to own at least 5,000 Class A Common Shares
by the end of the third year after that person becomes a partner and to hold at
least that number of shares for so long as that person is a partner.

           The term "partner" in this Schedule refers to the partners and
shareholders of the series of related partnerships and corporations through
which Accenture operated its business prior to its transition to a corporate
structure. These individuals became Accenture's executive employees following
its transition to a corporate structure but will retain the "partner" title.
Where the context permits, the term also refers to Accenture's employees and
others who have been or are in the future named as "partners" in this executive
sense. In using the term "partner," there is no meaning to imply any intention
of the parties to create a separate legal entity.


           By entering into the Voting Agreement, each covered person has
agreed, among other things, to: except as described below, maintain beneficial
ownership of his or her covered shares received on or prior to the date of the
initial public offering for a period of eight years thereafter; maintain
beneficial ownership of at least 25% of his or her covered shares received on or
prior to the date of the initial public offering as long as he or she is an
employee of Accenture; and comply with certain other transfer restrictions when
requested to do so by Accenture.

           Notwithstanding the transfer restrictions described in this summary,
covered persons who continue to be employees of Accenture will be permitted to
transfer a percentage of the covered shares owned by them on each anniversary of
the initial public offering commencing on the first anniversary of the initial
public offering as follows:

           Cumulative percentage of shares           Years after
             permitted to be transferred        initial public offering
            -----------------------------    --------------------------------
                         10%................             1 year
                         25%................             2 years
                         35%................             3 years
                         45%................             4 years
                         55%................             5 years
                         65%................             6 years
                         75%................             7 years
                         100%............... The later of (a) 8 years and (b)
                                              end of employment at Accenture

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           Partners retiring from Accenture at the age of 50 or above will be
permitted to transfer covered shares they own on an accelerated basis commencing
on the first anniversary of the initial public offering. In addition, beginning
one year after the initial public offering, a retired partner who reaches the
age of 56 will be permitted to transfer any covered shares he or she owns.
Partners who become disabled before Accenture's transition to a corporate
structure will be permitted to transfer all of their covered shares one year
after the initial public offering. Partners who become disabled following
Accenture's transition to a corporate structure will be subject to the general
transfer restrictions applicable to Accenture's employees or, if disabled after
the age of 50, will benefit from the accelerated lapses of transfer restrictions
applicable to retired partners.

           If Accenture approves in writing a covered person's pledge of his
covered shares to a lender, foreclosures by the lender on those shares, and any
subsequent sales of those shares by the lender, are not restricted, provided
that the lender must give Accenture a right of first refusal to buy any shares
at the market price before they are sold by the lender.

           All transfer restrictions applicable to a covered person under the
Voting Agreement terminate upon death.

           Notwithstanding the transfer restrictions described in this summary,
Class X Common Shares of Accenture Ltd may not be transferred at any time,
except upon the death of a holder of Class X Common Shares or with the consent
of Accenture Ltd.


           The transfer restrictions and the other provisions of the Voting
Agreement may be waived at any time by the partners representatives to permit
covered persons to: participate as sellers in underwritten public offerings of
common shares and tender and exchange offers and share repurchase programs by
Accenture; transfer covered shares to charities, including charitable
foundations; transfer covered shares held in employee benefit plans; and
transfer covered shares in particular situations (for example, to immediate
family members and trusts).

           Subject to the foregoing, the provisions of the Voting Agreement may
generally be waived by the affirmative vote of 66 2/3% of the votes represented
by the covered shares owned by covered persons who are Accenture employees. A
general waiver of the transfer restrictions also requires the consent of
Accenture Ltd.

           The transfer restrictions were waived for the underwritten offering
and the transactions related to the offering described above under "--The
Offering and Related Transactions" and Accenture Ltd has stated that it expects
that the above-described transfer restrictions will be waived to permit sales in
underwritten public offerings, share repurchases or redemptions or other
transactions approved by Accenture and to permit transfers to estate and/or tax
planning vehicles approved by Accenture by those partners that have agreed to
restrictions on any other transfers of their equity interests until July 24,
2005. See "--Share Management Plan" above for a discussion of the terms of this
restriction on transfer.


           Under the Voting Agreement, prior to any vote of the shareholders of
Accenture Ltd, a separate, preliminary vote of the covered shares owned by
covered persons who are employees of Accenture will be taken on each matter upon
which a vote of the shareholders is proposed to be taken. Subsequently, all of
these covered shares will be voted in the vote of the shareholders of Accenture
Ltd in accordance with the majority of the votes cast in the preliminary vote.

           Notwithstanding the foregoing, in elections of directors, all covered
shares owned by covered persons who are Accenture employees will be voted in
favor of the election of those

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persons receiving the highest numbers of votes cast in the preliminary vote. In
the case of a vote for an amendment to Accenture Ltd's constituent documents, or
with respect to an amalgamation, liquidation, dissolution, sale of all or
substantially all of its property and assets or any similar transaction with
respect to Accenture Ltd, all covered shares owned by covered persons who are
Accenture employees will be voted against the proposal unless at least 66 2/3%
of the votes in the preliminary vote are cast in favor of that proposal, in
which case all of these covered shares will be voted in favor of the proposal.

           So long as the covered shares owned by covered persons that are
employees of Accenture represent a majority of the outstanding voting power of
Accenture Ltd, partners from any one country will not have more than 50% of the
voting power in any preliminary vote under the Voting Agreement.


           The Voting Agreement also prevents covered persons from engaging in
the following activities with any person who is not a party to the Voting
Agreement or a director, officer or employee of Accenture: participating in a
proxy solicitation with respect to shares of Accenture; depositing any covered
shares in a voting trust or subjecting any of these shares to any Voting
Agreement or arrangement; forming, joining or in any way participating in a
"group" that agrees to vote or dispose of shares of Accenture in a particular
manner; except as provided in a separate partner matters agreement, proposing
certain transactions with Accenture; seeking the removal of any member of the
board of directors of Accenture Ltd or any change in the composition of
Accenture Ltd's board of directors; making any offer or proposal to acquire any
securities or assets of Accenture; or participating in a call for any special
meeting of the shareholders of Accenture Ltd.


           The Voting Agreement will continue in effect until the earlier of 50
years from the date of the Voting Agreement and the time it is terminated by the
vote of 66 2/3% of the votes represented by the covered shares owned by covered
persons who are Accenture employees. The transfer restrictions will not
terminate upon the expiration or termination of the Voting Agreement unless they
have been previously waived or terminated under the terms of the Voting
Agreement. The Voting Agreement may generally be amended at any time by the
affirmative vote of 66 2/3% of the votes represented by the covered shares owned
by covered persons who are Accenture employees. Amendment of the transfer
restrictions also requires the consent of Accenture Ltd.


           The terms and provisions of the Voting Agreement are administered by
the partners representatives, which consist of persons who are both partners of
Accenture and members of Accenture Ltd's board of directors and who agree to
serve in such capacity. The partners representatives have the sole power to
enforce the provisions of the Voting Agreement. No persons not a party to the
Voting Agreement are beneficiaries of the provisions of the Voting Agreement.

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          Both Stichting Naritaweg I and Stichting Naritaweg II have, in
separate letter agreements, each dated May 21, 2001 (each, a "Stichting Letter
Agreement"), granted a proxy to the partners representatives to vote their Class
X Common Shares in accordance with the preliminary vote as provided in the
Voting Agreement. It is expected that for so long as the Voting Agreement
remains in effect, the Stichting Letter Agreements will result in the shares of
Stichting Naritaweg I and Stichting Naritaweg II being voted in accordance with
the preliminary vote. The other Voting Provision Persons are not parties to the
Stichting Letter Agreements. The Stichting Letter Agreements are filed as
exhibits to this Schedule 13D and the foregoing summary of these agreements is
qualified in its entirety by reference thereto.


          Each of Accenture's partners as of the date of the consummation of its
transition to a corporate structure has pledged his or her covered shares to
Accenture Ltd or a subsidiary thereof. This pledge secures the liquidated
damages provision of a noncompetition agreement which each such person has
entered into with Accenture. The forms of non-competition agreement, including
the forms of pledge agreement, are filed as exhibits to this Schedule 13D and
the foregoing summary of these agreements is qualified in its entirety by
reference thereto.

Item 7. Material to be Filed as Exhibits

Exhibit                          Description
-------                          -----------

A.           Form of Voting Agreement, dated as of April 18, 2001, among
             Accenture Ltd and the covered persons party thereto
             (incorporated by reference to Exhibit 9.1 to Accenture
             Ltd's Registration Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 19,

B.           Form of Letter Agreement, dated May 21, 2001, between
             Accenture Ltd and Stichting Naritaweg I (incorporated by
             reference to Exhibit 10.13 to Amendment No. 2 to Accenture
             Ltd's Registration Statement on Form S-1 filed on July 2,

C.           Form of Letter Agreement, dated May 21, 2001, between
             Accenture Ltd and Stichting Naritaweg II (incorporated by
             reference to Exhibit 10.14 to Amendment No. 2 to Accenture
             Ltd's Registration Statement on Form S-1 filed on July 2,

D.           Form of Non-Competition Agreement, dated as of April 18,
             2001, among Accenture Ltd and certain employees
             (incorporated by reference to Exhibit 10.2 to Accenture
             Ltd's Registration Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 19,

E.           Form of Non-Competition Agreement, dated as of April 18,
             2001, among Accenture SCA and certain employees
             (incorporated by reference to Exhibit 10.7 to Accenture
             Ltd's Registration Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 19,

F.           Form of Common Agreement, dated as of April 19, 2002, among
             Accenture Ltd and the partners party thereto (incorporated by
             reference to Exhibit 10.22 to Amendment No. 1 to Accenture Ltd's
             Registration Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 26, 2002).

G.           Form of Underwriting Agreement (incorporated by reference to
             Exhibit 1.1 to Amendment No.2 to Accenture Ltd's Registration
             Statement on Form S-1 filed on May 9, 2002).

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                                                                         ANNEX A

                             IN ITEMS 2(D) AND 2(E)


                              (Page 47 of 52 Pages)

                                                                         ANNEX B



                             (Page 48 of 52 Pages)

                                                                         ANNEX C


            None. However, in connection with the offering and related
transactions described under the caption "The Offering and Related Transactions"
in Item 6 of the Schedule, Accenture has redeemed an aggregate of 44,620,783
Class X Common Shares previously held by Voting Provision Persons other than
Stichting Naritaweg I and Stichting Naritaweg II, 3,874,407 Class X Common
Shares previously held by Stichting Naritaweg I and 3,944,822 Class X Common
Shares previously held by Stichting Naritaweg II.

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     After reasonable inquiry and to the best of my knowledge and belief, I
certify that the information set forth in this statement is true, complete and

Dated: May 31, 2002

                                               By: /s/ Douglas G. Scrivner
                                                   Name:   Douglas G. Scrivner
                                                   Title:  Attorney-in-Fact

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                                  EXHIBIT INDEX

Exhibit                                  Description
-------                                  -----------

A.             Form of Voting Agreement, dated as of April 18, 2001, among
               Accenture Ltd and the covered persons party thereto (incorporated
               by reference to Exhibit 9.1 to Accenture Ltd's Registration
               Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 19, 2001).

B.             Form of Letter Agreement, dated May 21, 2001, between Accenture
               Ltd and Stichting Naritaweg I (incorporated by reference to
               Exhibit 10.13 to Amendment No. 2 to Accenture Ltd's Registration
               Statement on Form S-1 filed on July 2, 2001).

C.             Form of Letter Agreement, dated May 21, 2001, between Accenture
               Ltd and Stichting Naritaweg II (incorporated by reference to
               Exhibit 10.14 to Amendment No. 2 to Accenture Ltd's Registration
               Statement on Form S-1 filed on July 2, 2001).

D.             Form of Non-Competition Agreement, dated as of April 18, 2001,
               among Accenture Ltd and certain employees (incorporated by
               reference to Exhibit 10.2 to Accenture Ltd's Registration
               Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 19, 2001).

E.             Form of Non-Competition Agreement, dated as of April 18, 2001,
               among Accenture SCA and certain employees (incorporated by
               reference to Exhibit 10.7 to Accenture Ltd's Registration
               Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 19, 2001).

F.             Form of Common Agreement, dated as of April 19, 2002, among
               Accenture Ltd and the partners party thereto (incorporated by
               reference to Exhibit 10.22 to Amendment No. 1 to Accenture Ltd's
               Registration Statement on Form S-1 filed on April 26, 2002).

G.             Form of Underwriting Agreement (incorporated by reference to
               Exhibit 1.1 to Amendment No.2 to Accenture Ltd's Registration
               Statement on Form S-1 filed on May 9, 2002).

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