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Mason Carhart, Financial Advisor, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Mason Carhartt discusses providing exceptional service in financial services. 

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network: 

Mason Carhart discusses the positive effects of treating others well and acting ethically in personal and professional relationships. He emphasizes that doing right by people can lead to favorable outcomes. For instance, when a person refers someone and they provide excellent service, it not only enhances their reputation but also strengthens their friendship. This positive experience creates a stark contrast with previous negative encounters, making it even more impactful.

Mason Carhart also highlights the crucial role of doing right by clients in the financial services industry. By providing sound advice, explaining complex concepts, and educating clients, financial professionals can build trust and loyalty. This approach not only benefits the clients but also leads to more referrals and business opportunities. Mason Carhart emphasizes that being a true fiduciary and prioritizing the client’s best interests ultimately leads to long-term success and a stronger client base.

Mason shared: So being a fiduciary is that. You take yourself out of the equation, put yourself in your client’s shoes entirely, and do your best to solve their problem with the means that they have. It’s kind of a little introspective because you got to accept that you’re not perfect.”

Overall, the episode suggests that doing right by people has a ripple effect in both personal and professional relationships. It not only benefits the individuals involved but also creates a positive reputation, fosters trust and loyalty, and ultimately leads to greater success and opportunities.

Mike Saunders admires Mason’s ability to teach and serve others in the financial services industry. With a background in economics and marketing, Mason Carhart excels at simplifying complex financial topics and making them relatable and understandable to clients. Described as having the heart of a teacher, the guest takes an educational and guiding approach to help clients navigate their financial journeys. Mason believes that the ability to bridge the gap between analytical and interpersonal skills is crucial in providing effective financial advice.

Additionally, Mason’s approach of explaining and educating helps to provide a better and more valuable experience for clients, especially considering the negative experiences many have had with financial services in the past.

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About Mason Carhart

Mason Carhart is a Financial Advisor from Southern Oregon with a heart for small communities. Mason graduated from Crater High School, and then from the University of Oregon with a Master’s degree in Applied Economics. Mason spends his days visiting clients and working with local Community Leaders such as Eagle Point Rotary and Medford Parks and Recreation Foundation. He has a wife and two dogs. He enjoys working with leather, hiking, and camping in his spare time.  

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