Application Of Temperature And Humidity Sensor Technology In Museum Environment Monitoring

All the cultural relics in the museum collection are composed of different materials, and the natural damage of cultural relics is actually the deterioration of the materials that constitute cultural relics under the influence of environmentally harmful factors. Among the various environmental factors that affect the preservation of collections, the most fundamental and often operational factors are the temperature and humidity of the air. The influence of temperature on cultural relics is mainly reflected in thermal expansion and cold contraction when there is a large environmental temperature difference.


When temperature acts together with environmental factors such as humidity, light, oxygen, insects and mildew in the environment, the damage of cultural relics is often accelerated and catalyzed. Within a certain temperature value, the reaction speed is 1-3 times faster for every 10 degrees increase in temperature. Similarly, too high or too low humidity will also cause serious damage to organic cultural relics. Therefore, suitable temperature, humidity and clean environment are the necessary conditions for the protection of cultural relics.

For a long time, although the national museum workers have done a lot of work for the protection of cultural relics, the damage of cultural relics is still very common, which is closely related to the inappropriate collection environment of museums. The key to timely understanding and mastering the changes in the environment of cultural relics and preventing the deterioration of cultural relics is to adopt what means to detect temperature and humidity, so that the inappropriate environment can be improved as soon as possible.

In the management and operation of museums and cultural institutions in China, real-time data collection and transmission of temperature and humidity factors that have a close impact on the preservation of cultural relics can provide a strong scientific basis for the formulation of cultural relics protection measures. Among them, temperature and humidity sensor technology plays an important role.


The museum will use temperature and humidity sensor technology in the environmental control of cultural relics. For example, more than 60 grottoes in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. Combined with a variety of sensor data, the number of tourists entering the grottoes can be controlled, so as to ensure the stability of the grottoes environment and the safety of the murals.

The fluctuation of ambient temperature and humidity is the most significant damage to the precious cultural relics in the museum. For example, the opening and closing of air conditioning when the museum is open and closed, and the number of visitors during the day will affect the change of humidity. High humidity is easy to cause bacteria, mold and aging of painting and calligraphy paper. If the humidity is too low, the paper will become brittle. Therefore, in order to protect cultural relics, the humidity is generally controlled between 45% and 55%.


Most museums in our country, have been placed with sensing elements such as temperature and humidity monitoring terminal, adopting wireless method to monitor micro environment of the showcase in real time, so as to ensure that cultural relics are under a safe environment of stability and cleanliness, or adopting monitoring equipment of warehouse constant temperature and humidity storage cabinets and warehouse constant temperature and humidity showcase to monitor the environment of cultural relics warehouse in real time. Among them, the processes of refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, and humidification, are all controlled by the temperature and humidity sensor.

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