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World-Class and Results-Driven W­ellness and Prosperity Company, Modexus, is Committed to Excellence

Modexus features unique and targeted holistic nutritionals formulated by an exceptionally talented and experienced Doctor of Natural Medicine, Dr. Charles Rouse. MODEXUS seeks to merge peer-reviewed science with proven methods to deliver the world’s best-targeted nutrition.

Going on nearly three years of success, Modexus is considered a pioneer, offering cutting-edge, innovative nutritionals, especially for women, to help them achieve hormonal harmony from PMS to Postmenopause. With the female nutrient support system Lonicera Rhythm, women in all stages of life can benefit from a highly-specialized formulation of integrated nutrition that is safe and effective during all phases of their health life cycle while helping them to relieve the symptoms of PMSPerimenopause, and Postmenopause.

“Women have suffered too long at the mercy of their disrupted hormones. Rhythm by Modexus has the natural solutions to correct the quagmire. Why not make Rhythm your favorite product and Modexus your favorite brand? The focus of Modexus is your quality of health!” explained Dr. Charles Rouse

A visionary and brilliant formulator of the world’s first family of innovative natural nutrition powered by the elite superfruit Lonicera Caerulea, Dr. Rouse, the highly regarded Modexus Product Review Council Founder, is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Pharmacist, and Pharmacologist; as well as popular speaker, writer, and radio-podcast host. He is highly regarded by industry peers as a Natural Product Formulator and known for his unwavering integrity and commitment to DO NO HARM. Dr. Rouse has diligently created a line of Modexus World Class Innovative nutritionals formulated by science with the individual’s optimal health in mind.

The Chief Operating Officer of Modexus, Randy Anderson, explains, “In developing our holistic and specifically targeted Modexus product offerings, we take the statement, ‘World Class Innovative Nutritionals Formulated by Science with YOU in Mind’ very seriously. Formulating a world-class women’s formula that safely, effectively, and affordably delivers results for women of all ages has demanded the same attention to excellence. We are proud to introduce Rhythm by Modexus to the world! At Modexus, women’s health matters, and Modexus truly cares.”

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In addition to Dr. Charles Rouse, the company is consistently attracting the attention of healthcare professionals from around North America and beyond. These professionals from all disciplines of the well-care and healthcare industry are providing the expertise and experience to take Rhythm and the complete Modexus lineup to new heights of success in a space that has overall been greatly underserved.

Dr. Deena Hackett, Founder of 941 Wellness and a licensed Acupuncture and Sports Physician, is one such professional. Dr. Hackett’s initial training in Western traditional medicine combined with a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (DOM) provides a pathway to enrich the lives of others with a holistic approach to healing and a better quality of life. Dr. Hackett is a member of the Modexus Product Research Council.

Dr. Hackett has additional certifications in acu-injection and sports medicine acupuncture, along with the knowledge to integrate Eastern and Western modalities, which led to great success in treating sports injuries, arthritis, infertility, back pain, and more; all leading to an overall improvement in an individual’s wellness and WellCare journey. Dr. Hackett is a strong advocate and teacher for healing naturally through innovative herbal medicine, diet, and lifestyle to achieve holistic health.

Dr. Hackett explains, “Rhythm = Relief!!! My patients deserve relief without compromise, and Rhythm by Modexus provides a targeted and safe, holistic formulation I can count on. Relief from irritability. Relief from mood swings. Relief from weight gain. Relief from hot flashes. Relief from night sweats. Rhythm = Relief for my patients! Rhythm safely balances hormones without any side effects! Rhythm is my answer for functional reproductive health!”

Dr. Deena, as she is known by her patients, has been practicing medicine and residing in the Sarasota, Florida area since 2004 and is highly regarded in her community by her peers, friends, and patients for her work. She’s a firm believer in Jim Rohn’s philosophy, “Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live.”

Together as a team, these two highly inspirational medical experts have committed to making the Modexus products stand out from the competition. Their work as members of the Modexus Product Research Council is making a difference in the quality of life for people all over North America and over 25 International Markets worldwide.

“Success always leaves clues, and the formulation performance evaluations from our pre-launch testing and early release feedback from our Customers and Advocates overwhelmingly indicate that Lonicera Rhythm by Modexus will be a “game changer” for women of all ages,” says Modexus COO Randy Anderson during a recent interview session.

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