Meet Tommy Brady, EFT Healer and Therapist and Boost Health and Quality of Life

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Meet Tommy Brady, EFT Healer and Therapist and Boost Health and Quality of Life

Cavan, Ireland – When it comes to addictions, they can be ruthless. They affect the well-being. In fact, it’s fair to say that they consume us. Addictions though don’t have to write the future. There is help out there to get treatment.

This is the mentality that Annalee Wellbeing was founded upon. The company is run by Tom Brady, who is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapist. An EFT therapist uses touchpoints to pin down the exact areas of stress in the body. These points tap into the amygdala, the place in the brain that regulates fear and other emotions.

When someone notice that they have a release of cortisol or adrenaline, it is telling something. They are tapping into traumas. The point is to figure out why they are dealing with the problems with addiction.

One pernicious example of addiction that Tom Brady treats is smoking. He has helped others quit smoking. You need only look at his testimonials at In order to help to quit smoking though, the therapist will need to understand what started in the first place.

Often addiction forms when feelings are not dealt with. Instead, one turn to numbing actions. These actions can be performed repetitiously to help mask emotional pain. Oftentimes, the reward we get from nicotine reinforces that this is actually a helpful action in healing. If fact though, most people who are health conscious will want to quit smoking because it really hurts wellbeing and health.

EFT is a therapy that works because it deals with body chemicals and reactions to stress. Instead of just bottling feelings and traumas up, one will work with Tom to help to release them. This can be a very soothing action in and of itself. Instead of pushing traumas down, they press them up. They want to resurface because one have never dealt with them.

Those who are smoking in Ireland can even go to Tom’s office in Cavan if they live in the surrounding area. If not, Tom Brady offers Zoom and Google Meet as an option. Both of these options are great for international clients who are seeking relief.

Tom offers help to quit smoking, but he also offers other services as well. For example, his quit smoking therapy could be applied to someone who hoards instead of smokes. Whatever the addiction is, whether to stop smoking or to cease drinking, EFT therapy can help bring relief.

Ultimately, a person has to decide that one wants to get better. Sometimes, the pain of healing is too much. One can touch on an area and it literally feels raw. This is something that is natural and why the compulsion to smoke is so great. However, the power to heal is also there, as is demonstrated by the testimonials on the website.

When you are ready to stop smoking, Tom Brady wants to help guide you through the steps.

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